Ten on Ten: Take me to the river

Welcome to ten on ten! On the 10th of each month I share 10 photos from our family life.

I was craving some time in nature, a craving I have on a regular basis. We filled up the picnic basket with goodies, put the kayaks on the roof of the car and set off.

Our first stop was Bells Rapids which is located in the Swan Valley.  The children lead the way so of course we were scrambling over rocks and taking every trail that caught their eye.

Trail Bells Rapids

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Nature Inspired Children’s Books


I have read to my children since the day they were born. Now they are a little bit older they have a real love of books. We enjoy snuggling on the old rocking chair in the corner of the lounge room, reading books with the sun streaming through the window. It is a time I cherish as I feel really connected to my children.

Our house is full of children’s books, the bookshelf is over following. There are so many books to choose from however my little ones are always drawn to books about nature.Read More »

5 Feel Good Ideas in Nature

5 Feel good ideas in nature

Nature play has so many benefits for children but what about us adults? When I am surrounded by nature I feel calmer, my mind clears and my body relaxes.

My mood changes when I am in nature and I have a relaxed state of mind. I don’t even realise that I feel stressed yet I can feel my body relax, the tightness around my chest and shoulders disappears. My body relaxes and I finally I feel like I can breathe.

I have come up with a list of things you can do when you are in nature to help you feel better. Help you feel calmer and relaxed, even if it is just a a few minutes.Read More »

Surf Lesson at Ocean Beach

Dixie handed me a wrapped small square box for my birthday. When I opened it I was confused to find some surfboard wax as I was expecting a necklace I had been eyeing off. It was then revealed to me that I had a surf lesson booked in Denmark, Western Australia.

Arriving at Ocean Beach I was excited and nervous. My last attempt at surfing was in Bali and I fractured my foot so I was hoping that this lesson would have a better outcome.Read More »