My favourite things to do in Busselton

Busselton Jetty Swim 2018We went back to where it all started, where Dixie and I met! Dixie was travelling around
Australia, living out of his Troop Carrier and I was in town supporting a friend doing the Busselton Iron Man. A conversation was struck between us at the Esplanade Hotel and well the rest is history!

Busselton holds a special place in our hearts and we decided to return for a family holiday. Busselton is a small coastal town set on the calm waters of the Geographe Bay south of Perth.  It is a great place to enjoy the outdoors with plenty of cycle paths, beaches and the locals are very friendly.Read More »

Review: Nature Play Books

walking in secret gardenGrowing up in rural Western Australia I was always playing in the bush, building cubby houses and riding my bike down dirt tracks.  Now I am a mother living in the city I have noticed that my children don’t have as much freedom or easy access to nature as what I had as a child.

I am not sure if it is because times have changed or this is just the way it has always been growing up in the city. Personally, I need my regular nature fix and I am happiest when I am outdoors.Read More »

July Moments

Perth Hail

I like to look back and reflect on the month. Sometimes a month can fly by and I think that nothing much happened. But when I look back I realise that there were lots of little moments that made it pretty special.

June was a rough month with sick children and July was not much better! We are dealing with croup at the moment. The doctor told me that it is normal for children this age to get one virus a month! We are getting two a month but who is counting!Read More »