Camping at Lake Brockman Tourist Park

Camping at Lake BrockmanPeople often tell me that they are envious of our adventures. We try and get away every six weeks and they are usually short camping trips. I decided to put the call out to all my friends and let them know that we were camping at Lake Brockman. Any one was welcome to join us and to my surprise we had 11 families take up the offer. It was a wonderful getaway for everyone and most of all I loved seeing the children enjoying nature.Read More »

Camping adventures in Dwellingup

Winding along the dirt track in our 4wd looking down at the valley slopes and onto the Murray River below. I was mesmerised by the stunning scenery and couldn’t wait to get to our camping spot to see what it was like.

Tony’s Bend camp ground is set in the Jarrah Forrest and it is where we set up our camper trailer for the weekend. Tall lean jarrah trees visible as far as the eye can see. There was little wind during our stay and just the leaves at the top of the trees were gently swaying in the breeze.

Dwellingup 002.JPG

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