Tips on camping while pregnant

Tips on camping while pregnant

I have been camping several times while I was pregnant, the last time I went I was 33 weeks when we stayed at Sandy Cape. So many women said to me there is no way they would go. Was I doing the right thing? I must admit I was nervous about going, what if something goes wrong? what if I go into labour early? what if we can’t get to a hospital in time? There were so many what if’s going through my mind.Read More »

Camping with toddlers and babies

Tips on camping with babies

Prior to having kids we were camping next to a couple with a small baby and I remember saying I would never go camping with a baby. Oh how I was wrong!

Camping with little ones can be challenging but it is also a wonderful experience.

I have an excel spreadsheet with all the things we require when we go camping.  It looks more like a novel than a check list but here are a few of things I make sure I pack when we go camping with toddlers and babies.Read More »