Wheatbelt getaway

Carnamah 020Driving to the wheatbelt feels I am coming home. I grew up in a small wheatbelt town and when I think of the area I think of red dirt and dry brown paddocks. I have forgotten how beautiful the countryside can be in the winter.

An abundance of water from the winter rain lies on the side of the road. Creeks, lakes and rivers that are normally dry were full of water. A promising site for the farmers, it looks like it is going to be a good year.

Paddocks of green with wheat crops bursting through the ground and reaching for the sun. The fields of green were broken up by bright yellow paddocks of canola. The canola flowers are such a bright vibrant colour that it can’t help but make you feel calm and happy.

I was also surprised to see that wildflowers were in bloom so early. I assume the rain has helped them on their way. I think it will be a great year to visit the wildflowers in Western Australia.

Our days were spent catching up with family, walking in the bush, picnics on the rocks and toasting marshmallows on the campfire.

Carnamah 033CropCarnamah 053Carnamah 059Carnamah 069

I miss country life and feel calm and relaxed as soon as I see the wide open spaces. I am so glad I can give my children a taste of what it is like to live in the country.

How could I forget how beautiful my home land can be? Do you ever go to the country for a quick getaway?

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Photos taken with Nikon Coolpix

31 thoughts on “Wheatbelt getaway

  1. I’m a county girl too! I am always struck by how green it is when I manage to drive out of town during winter. I miss it but I am mostly only reminded when I get out of this city existence. The farm will always be a special happy place for me that fits very comfortably.


  2. Looks so incredibly relaxing Anne. I’m originally from the country and I feel the same way when I’m out in wide open spaces – calm, relaxed and so much more in tune with everything. Great post.

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  3. Hi Anne, looks like you and I were on the same wavelength, it really is too beautiful at this time of the year 😃 I’m really a city girl at heart but love trips out to the country towns. I lost count of how many people said G’day and stopped for a chat!


  4. I’m a city girl through and through but I do love a weekend escape to the country. It’s such a breath of fresh air in every sense!


  5. Beautiful photos. I dream of spending part of my life in the country some day, for me even a hike in the bush for a couple of hours is bliss. Thanks for sharing!


  6. I just found your blog via Sammy’s link up. We love to getaway and we just came back from a roadtrip to the Red Centre. I am born and bred city girl but there is nothing like sitting around a campfire, sitting under thousands of stars and being in country air.


  7. I think I grew up not far from you, Anne. Wheatbelt girls unite! I love a fire and a weekend get away back home.


  8. Memories are so powerful! My Jr. High-high school girlfriends are still so special in my life and we love reminiscing but I wouldn’t trade where I’m at now for anything ! I also wouldn’t give up a little Nostalgia from time to time.


  9. The country side is good for the soul. You pics look gorgeous and getting out in the beautiful wide open spaces we are so lucky to have here is the perfect way to reset.


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