Slideshow Night #1: Egpyt

Years ago I set of to backpack around the world on my own. I spent over two years travelling, working and had a blast.

All the photos I took were on film (showing my age). I used to post home photos in one package and then the negatives in another letter just in case one would go missing.

These photos now sit in a bookshelf gathering dust. I am going to scan some of these old photos and put on a special slide show night for you! Don’t you feel lucky?

Should the house burn down at least I will have some of my old travel photos to look at.Read More »

Favourite Coastal Areas From Around The World

In Australia we are spoiled for choice of pristine beaches and especially here on the West Coast! During my travels it has been hard to find beaches that measure up to our beautiful coastline.

I love being near the water whether it is swimming, snorkeling, being on a boat or having a game of beach cricket. It gives me a sense of calm and clarity. So it is only natural that when I travel I often find myself by the ocean.Read More »