Work with me

In addition to blogging for Let me be free, I also enjoy working with others.

With over 10 years of experience in the travel industry negotiation hotel rates, writing travel brochures and marketing I can assist with product reviews or marketing advise.

My experience includes reviewing accommodation, attractions, products and provide assistance with marketing via social media platforms.

Freelance – Social Media Marketer: Need help to grow your business on social media? I have been working with farm stays and tour companies to help build their social media. I can write blog posts, organise competitions and keep all social media channels up to date. In addition I can assist to provide feed back on your property and work with you on tactical accommodation offers.

Sponsored Product Review: If you would like your product reviewed in a blog post I will test the product and give an honest review based on my experience. Provide links back to your website and include any images you may have.

Accommodation or Tour Review: With my travel industry experience I can offer comprehensive review on your product or service. I will help to get the word out about your product, service, destination or event.

All sponsored posts/reviews I will disclose this to my readers and I will give my honest opinion.

Contact: If you wish to contact me for me information please email Anne at

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