5 Tips to getting great candid photos

5 tips on getting great canded shots.jpgGetting natural photos of my children is something I always struggle with. My mission is to become a better photographer and capture beautiful moments of our adventures. While I don’t put close up photos of my children on the blog, I want them to have private images to look back on when they are older.

Hollie Mackenzie a Perth Lifestyle Photographer has given me some tips to improve my photography. Kindly she has shared her tips on how to get great candid photos.Read More »

Win a Self Guided City App with GPSmyCity

Have you ever had trouble trying to find a tourist attraction in a new city? Found yourself walking in circles? Strolling the streets aimlessly?

So many times I recall being in a new city following the tourist signs which lead to a major attraction, then the signs seem to stop. You know you must be close but you just can’t find your way. You ask a local and things seem to get lost in translation.Read More »