Travelling the Gibb River Road – Road Safety Tips

The Gibb River Road is a trip Dixie and I are constantly talking about and hope to do soon. Today we have a guest blogger Rosemary McGugian who is the owner and operator of Best Of The Kimberley, the holiday and tour planning specialists in Broome.  If you are planning on doing this trip I trust that her below tips will help you with your preparation.

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Tips on camping while pregnant

Tips on camping while pregnant

I have been camping several times while I was pregnant, the last time I went I was 33 weeks when we stayed at Sandy Cape. So many women said to me there is no way they would go. Was I doing the right thing? I must admit I was nervous about going, what if something goes wrong? what if I go into labour early? what if we can’t get to a hospital in time? There were so many what if’s going through my mind.Read More »

Camping with toddlers and babies

Tips on camping with babies

Prior to having kids we were camping next to a couple with a small baby and I remember saying I would never go camping with a baby. Oh how I was wrong!

Camping with little ones can be challenging but it is also a wonderful experience.

I have an excel spreadsheet with all the things we require when we go camping.  It looks more like a novel than a check list but here are a few of things I make sure I pack when we go camping with toddlers and babies.Read More »