Struggling to save for a holiday? Here are five saving tips to help you on your way

Tips to save for a holiday

I have always wanted to explore the islands of Hawaii, snorkel with sea turtles, swim under the waterfalls, relax on the beach and hang ten!

Being on one wage and raising a family means we don’t have much spare cash but I am putting plans in place so we can save enough money to take that well deserved family holiday.

Here are the five saving tips I am currently putting into place so I can achieve my dream.

Home Loan – I rang my bank to inquire about our home loan and see if we could get a better deal. I was taken aback at how easy it was to change our loan to a better interest rate and not incur any frees!

Meal Plan – Me and cooking do not go well together but I am really making an effort to meal plan for the week and only buy what we need, no more throwing out unused veggies. Baking snacks for the children to cut down the cost on our grocery bill.

Op Shopping – I love the idea of op shopping and I see so many of my friends picking up some beautiful clothes for next to no cost. When I go to the op shopping I get overwhelmed as there is so much stuff. So I have decided that for a year I am not going to buy any new clothes I am going to take the time to scourer the racks and find some bargains! There is also the Baby and Kids Market to buy excellent quality preloved clothes for the kids.

Declutter – Having small children it takes no time before they grow out of their toys and clothes so I am planning on having a garage sale or sell items a swap meet. The cash I make can go into my travel fund.

Simple Life – I am channeling my inner Granny and making cleaning products, clothes, knitting dish clothes and I want to start a veggie patch but I don’t have a green thumb! Down to Earth is a fabulous blog for tips on living a simple life plus there is also a book which you can find here.

Now I am no money expert but these are the steps that I am taking to make my dream of travelling to Hawaii and reality.

I am sure there are other ways I can save money like cutting out my caffeine addiction. If you have any other tips for me please let me know.

Knitted dishcloth/face washer

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5 thoughts on “Struggling to save for a holiday? Here are five saving tips to help you on your way

  1. What is an op-shop? Before we married (27 years ago) I made a request that we take a vacation every year. In order to do so we planned our vacations at least 1 year in advance. When possible, we booked our trip (after extensive research) and made payments for the year (or so) until it was time for us to go. Everything that we could possibly pay for in advance we did. We started a little jar or a kitty of some kind and put every spare piece of change and dollar bill that we could into that. Whenever tempted to purchase something I didn’t really need I would put that money in the kitty also. Being so motivated and knowing I had to meet those monthly payments and to have spending money for the trip and really encouraged me to save. We also had a vacation bank account where a small amount of money went in on a monthly/weekly basis and we knew that was strictly for vacation. It is surprising how quickly these little amounts of money can grow. Some years the trips were merely a camping trip-other years they were something wonderful like Hawaii- but we absolutely went someplace every single year with the kids and then later without them when they were grown. Its just making it a priority. Good luck on your savings. Hawaii is a marvelous place!


  2. Right – you have totally inspired me to ring my banks and check out if we can save anything on our loan too. How exciting is it saving for a dream – nothing inspires you more. I hope you get to Hawaii sooner rather than later hun. Man I would love to go there one day too xx


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