Dalwallinu and Petrudor Rocks

Pioneer WallDalwallinu will always be my home. It is the place I grew up, where 4 generations have lived. This is the longest I have been away from my home and I had a strong urge to return to my roots. Show my children what country life is like.

Dalwallinu is located 252 kilometres north east of Perth, a place of wheat and wattle. A wheat and sheep farming town but also known for it’s wildflowers. From July to October the country side bursts into bloom with a large variety of wildflowers.

To an outsider this may seem like a sleepy little town but it is a town with a strong community spirit. A town where people stick together, help each other out especially in times of need. What I love most is people come together and socialise, young, old and from different cultures, everyone is welcome.

Centenary of anzac

Petrudor Rocks

Petrudor Rocks

As soon as we arrived at Petrudor Rocks I could smell the Australia bush. A familiar aroma of my childhood.  Wattles were in full bloom with vibrant yellow flowers around the rocks.

Winter or Spring is the best time to visit with an abundance of water and wildflowers carpet the landscape. Water trickles down the granite rock from a pool above landing in a water hole full of tadpoles. These have to be the largest tadpoles you have seen thriving on plants and algae.

The children had a great time putting their toes in the water while trying to catch tadpoles. Pure joy on their face as they catch a tadpole in their net. It truly is the simple things in life that give us the most pleasure.

Petrudor Rocks 1

Petrudor Rocks 4

Petrudor Rocks 2

Petrudor Rocks 6Camping at Petrudor Rocks

Petrudor is located 33 kilmoters east of Pithara. Go on the Pithara East Road and then right onto Petrudor Rocks Road (gravel road). This is a free campsite however other than wood bbq’s there are no facilities and you need to be self sufficient.

If you are a nature lover, enjoy peace and quiet then this is a great spot to spend a night.

EverlastingEverlasting at PetrudorWildflowers at Petrudor

For more information about Dalwallinu and it surrounding areas click here.

23 thoughts on “Dalwallinu and Petrudor Rocks

  1. So I’ve lived in Australia all of my life and never heard of Dalwallinu. Such a big country! I bet you loved going back to Petrudor Rocks and making some memories with your kids. You look happy : )


    • Sounds like I have put Dalwallinu on the map! Most people who live in Perth have not heard of Dally so I really doubt that someone from over east would have heard of it. It gave me great pleasure to go back to the places I enjoyed as a child.


  2. What a wonderful place to call home – you must miss it so! It looks like everyone had fun going back to your roots!


  3. Dally area has to be one of “The” beauty spots in spring each year. Wildflowers abound there and as Anne points out.. it is beautiful and quiet. It is a common spot for a LOT of wildflower enthusiasts. One very special plant is the Wreath Flower which also grows in the region. The everlastings are glorious. It is one of a host of beautiful plants. Enjoy .. just like Anne has. PS: I am not a Dalwallinu local, I live in Perth and am originally from Deanmill a mill town just out of Manjimup, another jewel of the West.


  4. I was thinking about Petrudor Rocks yesterday, and trying to recall its name and location! Only visited once, but really loved it, so now I know its name and location, and will visit it again at some time.


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