Ten on Ten: Boshack Outback, getting off the grid

Welcome to ten on ten! On the 10th of each month I share 10 photos taken in a day.

Boshack Outback Gate.jpgAs soon as we opened the gate we entered into a new world. Boshack Outback is more than just a farm stay. They are eco-friendly and have as little impact on the environment as possible. They are off the grid, all solar powered and drinking water comes from a fresh water spring.

Boshack Outback Glamper.jpg

The rustic glampers are all made from recycled material. The supplies are from CBH and the tarps were originally used to cover wheat stacks.

Boshack Outback Lake Serene.jpgAfter settling in we enjoyed the peace and tranquility of the fresh water lake. The reflections of the trees on the water is stunning. There is just something magical about it.

Boshack Outback Net Fishing.jpgI told the kids about the good old days when I used to catch tadpoles at Petrudor Rocks. I consider myself a bit of an expert. Mind you back in the old days we didn’t have fancy nets. Just ice cream containers and cups to catch the slippery little things in.

Boshack Outback Tour.jpgWe boarded a trailer and took a tour around the farm. It was not your average farm tour, it has a wide variety of activities to suit everyone. We learnt about the indigenous people who once inhabited the area. I left the didgeridoo playing up to Dixie as he can actually play. If you are game enough you can even eat a witchetty grub!

Boshack Outback Cows.jpg

Boshack Outback Horses.jpgTime to get up close and personal with the animals. We pulled the nets and caught some yabbies, tried water divining and walked through the paperbark forest. Which apparently has the cleanest and freshest air anyone can inhale into their lungs! Nature sure is the fuel for your soul!

Boshack Outback Billy Tea.jpgAn Aussie experience is not complete without billy tea and damper! A traditional refreshment for drovers and stockmen.

Boshack Outback Relaxing.jpgI am not sure what has happened to our spring weather but it was freezing. The stockmen probably had a sip of rum to warm up but I only had red wine. Cheers!

We ate the most delicious lamb roast you have ever tasted. Kept warm by the pot belly fire and chewed the fat with other guests.

Boshack Outback Canoe.jpgThe following day we took a canoe out on the water and drifted with the breeze looking for long neck turtles in the crystal clear water. We had no luck with the turtles but spotted a fish swimming underneath us.

If you want to slow down, get off the grid and connect with nature then this is the place for you. Located only 90 mintutes from Perth near Toodyay it is a quick and easy getaway. You will fell the stress leave your shoulders as soon a you sit by the lake, listen to the birds and soak up the atmosphere.

A stay at Boshack Outback got us back to nature and made us appreciate the simple things in life.

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22 thoughts on “Ten on Ten: Boshack Outback, getting off the grid

  1. The first time I heard anyone play a didgeridoo was when I saw Xavier Rudd in concert. I had no idea who he was, or what his music was like, but then he came on stage and started to play, and I fell in love. 🙂


  2. What a wonderful place and what a great experience for kids. I think if I had kids I’d have to think differently about travel and their ‘education’ in that respect! #teamlovinlife


  3. This brings back wonderful memories of camping with our kids when they were little. It’s such a great education for them to get out into the great outdoors and see different flora and fauna. #TeamLovinLife


  4. Another fabulous place and experience for you all! Would you believe I’ll be in Perth next Wednesday for the first time ever. Accompanying hubby on a work conference (which runs on Thurs & Fri). I’ll do my own thing on Thurs (probably explore city and Kings Park) and Fri (think I’ll catch a ferry to Freemantle) and we want to do a day tour on the Saturday. I am having all sorts of trouble finding a tour I like that is available for the Saturday. Hoping I can sort something out. We fly back home on Sunday. A fleeting visit but it will be my first time ever on the west coast of Australia!! #TeamLovinLife


  5. It looks like a fun way to holiday with the family – and the tenting is much more my style than your basic tiny tent. Worth keeping in mind seeing I’m in WA.


  6. I love this. I remember fishing for eels and yabbies with my Mum (Dad used to stay at home, lol) & Mum would then cook them up in a sump oil tin. This sounds super fun. #TeamLovinLife


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