Exploring my own backyard: Yellagonga Regional Park and Cockman House

Do you often drive past a local tourist attraction but never make the effort to stop and have a look? For years I have driven past Yellagonga Regional Park, noticed the old buildings but never stopped to have a look. Now I am making a conscious effort to explore the attractions on our backdoor step.

I am so glad that I made the effort as I was pleasantly surprised! Walking around the area we learnt about the indigenous people who used the area as camp grounds, to perform ceremonies and as a source of food and water. After white settlement the land was used for market gardens, there are ruins on the site which include a shed and a cottage that has been restored.



The park has several walks and cycle paths you can explore around Lake Goollelal and Lake Joondalup. There is plenty to see on the walks and who knows you might even spot a fresh water turtle!

lake at Yellagonga

Located next door is Cockman House which was built for settler James Cockman around 1860. It is the oldest remaining residence in Wanneroo which will give you a glimpse of what life was like for our early setters (open Sundays).

Cockman House

Cockman House

cockman house

Do you have a local attraction near you that you never take the time to look at? I encourage you to explore your own backyard and I hope you find something really special!

2 thoughts on “Exploring my own backyard: Yellagonga Regional Park and Cockman House

  1. We started doing that this year. Amazing what you can find so close to home isn’t it? Our recent trip to Barstow, California proved to be most interesting-so much so I also blogged about the treasures near home.


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