10 Pram friendly walks in nature around Perth


As soon as I am outdoor and in nature I can feel my body relax, especially the tension I am carrying in my shoulders.  I didn’t even realise how tense I am until I get outdoors. When you have small children, getting outdoors, going into nature and walking can do you the world of good. The fresh air, listening to the birds and a dose of D is good for the soul.

Attempting a bush walk with a pram can often by difficult if you don’t know where to go. So many times I have had to do a bit of 4wd with the pram as I have gone down a path that was not suitable.

Here are some pram friendly nature walks I have tested around Perth to get you and your little one outdoors. Click on the heading to get more information about each area.

1. Kings Park 

The Bushland Nature Trail is an easy walk were you will encounter wildflowers, native plants and birds that inhabit the area. The loop takes about 25 minutes to complete. There are lots of other walks to explore in the park.

2. Hersman Lake

Walk the 7.7 kilometer path around the lake taking in views of the lake, dense wetland rushes and paperbark trees.  It is a popular spot for bird watchers with bird hides set up by the waters edge. You can also get an idea of how the early settlers lived as you pass Herdsman Lake Settlers Cottage.

3. Star Swamp

Set on 96 hectares there are several tracks that take you through the bush land around Star Swamp. The swamp has lots of paper bark trees and the bush comes alive with flowers during August to October. If your child is old enough pack the gumboots so they can have a splash in the swamp.


4. Craigie Bushland

50 hectares of bush with several walking trails makes it easily explore the area. The bush is home to banksia, grass trees, eucalypts, hakeas and grevilleas. There are many wildflowers in bloom during spring and these include donkey orchids and fringe lilies. Quenda also known as the Southern Brown Bandicoot reside in the bush.

Nature Play 050

5. Yellagonga Regional Park

There are two different loops you can take at the park. Goollelal Loop is 4.3 kilometers which takes you past a farm, winery and you might even spot a kangaroo or turtle.

Lake Joondalup Circuit is much longer covering 16kms but you can always just do a short section of the path. The walk includes an observation tower, boardwalk as well as panoramic views of the lake.

lake at Yellagonga

6. Lake Gwelup

Lake Gwelup Reserve is a 75 hectare reserve consisting of wetlands, bush and a recreation parkland. There are paved and unpaved paths around the lake. A boardwalk goes over to water and during spring we spotted swans with their cygnets.


7. John Forrest National Park

Set in a jarrah forest and with several waterfalls it is a beautiful place to explore. It is an easy hike along a gravel track which gets very close to the valley below. You have the option to walk to the Swan View Tunnel which is the only historic railway tunnel build in 1895.

John Forrest National Park 030

8. Piney Lakes Reserve

There are 8 different walks that take you around Piney Lakes Reserve, some of the paths are sealed or gravel while others are sandy. Two wetlands are set on 50 hectares, home to the long neck turtle along with other plants and animals. A sculpture walk is also located on the reserve.

Piney Lakes.JPG

9. Bibra Lake Reserve

Listen to a chorus of frogs on your walk and watch the bird life out on the lake. There is a 6 kilometre walking path around the lake with plenty of shade. The path is wide and level so it is perfect for a pram.

10. Coastal Walks

There are walking paths along Perth’s coast from Fremantle to Burns Beach. Many of these paths are close to the road so I prefer to walk from Whitfords Nodes, just north of Hillary’s Marina. Head north and you will feel like you are miles away from it all with the beach on one side and bush on the other. Breath in the salt air, listen to the waves crash on the beach and enjoy striding it out with your little one.

Beach walk.JPG

Grab your pram, your walking shoes and get back to nature.

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8 thoughts on “10 Pram friendly walks in nature around Perth

  1. What a great post for families with kids! I used to take our grandkids for walks and found any terrain other than a concrete path was a challenge!! Another challenge was the pre-schooler who got tired and there was no room in my single person stroller! Mind you, that stroller saw a lot of action around the neighbourhood with a mesh protector on for ‘sleepy time’ for reluctant babies!! Thanks for linking up. Denyse #lifethisweek


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