Camping at Lake Navarino (Waroona Dam)

Camping at Lake NavarinoI stumbled across Lake Navarino on Instagram some time ago. I love finding new places to explore and that is why I have an Instagram obsession.  So when some friends asked me if I wanted to spend a weekend at Lake Navarino Holiday Park I didn’t hesitate to say yes. That and the fact it has been almost 3 months since we have been camping.  Hard to believe I know!


Being located so close to Perth is an added bonus as it makes for a quick getaway.  Plus the kids can handle being in the car for 1.5 hours! The lake is located 119 kilometres south of Perth.

It is easy to get to by jumping on the Kwinana Freeway which eventually turns into Forest Highway. Exit at Pinjarra Road, turn right into the town centre and then onto South West Highway. It is only 23km to Waroona and a further 9.5kms to Lake Navarino. From Waroona it is well signed. 

You might want to make a quick pit stop at the bakery in Waroona. Be warned you might leave a few kilos heavier!


One great thing about Lake Navarino Holiday Park is they offer a wide range of accommodation options. If you are not set up for camping they have Glamping or you can opt for a cabin.

Lakeside Camping (unpowered) – If you want to camp close to the lake in natural bushland then this is the spot for you. Get away from the crowds, listen to the birds and the wind in the trees. Find your own area to set up camp. The only facilities are eco toilets and the sites are a first in first served basis.

Camping at the Holiday Park – The camp sites are spacious and have their own fire ring. We camped on the grassed area which was perfect for the children.

Lake Navarino Camping.jpg

The only problem is some of the grassed sites you can not park your car next to your site. You might be making a few trips to the car to unload all your gear.

Park Home – The park homes remind me of a little retro caravan. The bunk beds look like they are out of an old caravan as they are narrow and have the 70’s material. They were very comfortable with a double bed and kitchen facilities. The bathroom was new and very clean.

Glamping – There are several bell tents set up on the property and you have to option of a furnished or unfurnished tent.

Lake Navarino Glamping.jpg

Cabins, Cottages & Motel Units – There are several other options of accommodation to suit your needs. All you need to do is rock up and settle into your stay.

Lake Navarino Holiday Park.jpg


Showers/Toilet – The toilets are clean and the showers have plenty of room to get dressed without getting all your clothes wet! The only problem I found is the walls are not very high when means people can see your head while you are in the shower! There is a numbered lock on the door for security.

Camp Kitchen – The camp kitchen is open so you have a view of the park while you cook, eat or wash your dishes. There is a gas BBQ and fridge in this area.

Camp Kitchen at Lake Navarino.jpg

Shop/Cafe – The original restaurant burnt down in the devastating Yarloop fire in 2016. A new building has been constructed and they are in the process of getting it up and running.  The shop sells a small range of groceries, perfect if you need bread or milk.

Play Ground – A small playground is in the centre of the park. There is a small nature play section but most of it is plastic play equipment suited to very young children. I would love to see them remove to the plastic toys and make a landscaped nature play area.

Pet Friendly – Bring your beloved pooch on holidays with you! Dogs need to be on a lead during your stay.

Lake Navarino/Waroona Dam

I don’t know what it is about WA but they love to give places two names! Waroona Dam was built in 1966 and in 1992 the name was changed to Lake Navarino.  It was named after Navarino stream which is the main water supply for the dam. Now the stream name has been changed to Drakes Brook! I hope that doesn’t mean they will change the name again!!

Lake Navarino.jpg

I believe that dam is normally filled with boats and skiers. We were lucky during our stay as we were the only boat out on the water. The water was crystal clear and the children loved playing with the mud on the banks.

Why not throw in a line and try your luck at catching a fish. You can fish for trout and perch all year round and catch marron in season.

Our visit to Lake Navarino

As soon as we set up our camper trailer we were met by a few locals. JJ will do anything to get out of eating her healthy food. Instead of munching on her apple she fed it to the ringneck parrots.

Lake Navarino birds.jpg

And just like that she looks like a princess from a Disney movie.

Time to get back to nature and explore our surrounds. There are so many trails to explore. My happy place is walking in the bush.  As you walk you can hear nothing but the leaves crunching under foot and maybe a bird calling out. The trees were sprouting new shoots and recovering from the recent bush fire. Hints of yellow shined through the jarrah forest. Yellow wattles in full bloom, a sign that spring is on it’s way.

Bike Rides at Lake Navarino.jpg

As I breathed in the cool clean fresh air I can feel it travel down into my lungs. As I breath out I feel relaxed. It is like my body is getting a cleanse, the weight lifts from my shoulders. Nature has a way of getting into your soul.

Lake Navarino Waroona Dam.jpg

The only ripples on the water was from our friends boat as we cruised around the lake. There was not another soul around.

Boating at Lake Navarino.jpg

4wd tracks are all around the lake. The streams were flowing fast and filling up the dam.

4wd Lake Navarino.jpg

Brook at Lake Navarino.jpg

The water level was rising at a steady pace. Puddles that we drove through the day before without a problem had become much softer. We were expecting our trusty Landcruiser to make the crossing without a problem.

Lake Navarino 4wd.jpg

But we became bogged! You can’t tell from the photo but sitting in the passengers side of the car I felt like was I lifted high off the ground. A BMW was going to try and pull us out of the bog but we were unable to attach the snatch strap to their car. Somehow I don’t think we would hear the end off it if we were pulled out by a beamer!

Our nights were spent with an open fire and children roasting marshmallows. Exhausted children were soon snuggled up in their sleeping bags. That is when it is the parents time to relax by the fire, spin a yarn and enjoy a beverage or two.

If you fancy a stay at Lake Navarino Holiday Park up to date information can be found here.

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24 thoughts on “Camping at Lake Navarino (Waroona Dam)

  1. I haven’t ever been camping and am not overly optimistic about doing anything when I don’t have my own toilet or shower… I also like the white tent – it looks very fancy but also nice and private! #teamlovinlife


  2. What a beautiful place to camp. There are so many places to explore if you look closely. That is a gorgeous photo of your daughter with the colourful parrots. #TeamLovinLife


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