Round here

Perth has been putting on a show with its glorious Autumn weather. We even hit the beach, kayaked and swam. It is amazing how your mood lifts as soon as your feet hit the sand. You feel relaxed as soon as you breathe the salty air deep into your lungs.

Star Fish Hillarys.jpg


A last minute decision was made to make the most of the sunshine. We threw the tent into the 4wd and ventured down some tracks into the Avon Valley National Park. The tent was pitched riverside. We cooked dinner on the fire, drank red wine into the wee hours and star gazed.

Sunrise Avon RiverMorning Avon River

Unfortunately Master B woke with a high temp so the trip was cut short. A quick night away was still enough time to recharge the batteries.

JJ had grandparents day at school so they could learn about the olden days! My mum drove 400 kms just to be a part of it. She taught the children games from yesteryear. JJ is a natural at marbles. Maybe she will grow up to be a champion bowler.

Her visit coincided with mothers day and while we had a quiet day due to Master B feeling poorly it was still nice to spend it with my mum.

I made the most of mums visit and relished in some me time! Not having family in Perth makes motherhood even more challenging. It is not easy to get a break, some time out. My eyebrows become two with a visit to the beautician. I even took a yoga class which gave me a chance to clear my mind.

In other news my little old blog turned two. I have enjoyed this space, my little spot on the internet. Being a stay at home mum I needed something for myself. A distraction from the challenges of motherhood. Something just for me. I started my blog as a place to share my knowledge of the travel industry and to share our adventures. It has given me more pleasure that I ever expected.

Once a week I am hitting the pool and doing some swimming training with friends. We have decided to participate in the Busselton Jetty Swim next year. It is a 3.6km open water event and the course goes around the jetty. The Busselton Jetty is 1.841km long and it is the longest timber piled jetty in the southern hemisphere.

The only thing that puts me off the swim is stingers! They love to wrap their tentacles around me and Busselton is known for them.

Busselton Jetty.jpg

That is about it from my world. How are you? What has been happening at your place?

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30 thoughts on “Round here

  1. Congratulations on two years of blogging Anne. I always enjoy reading about the gorgeous places you visit on that gorgeous coastline of yours. Boy do I miss the beach right now! 😎 Gorgeous pics.


  2. Beautiful Perth! Autumn is my favourite time of year in WA. All that mild sunshine.

    So good that you got to have a little break and relax. Congratulations on your bloggie milestone xx


  3. I love that you take every opportunity to just get away and get into nature! We talk about it much, much more than we actually do it, though are planning a July trip to Karajini! Hope your Autumn continues to be beautiful!!


  4. It’s much more autumnal here in Victoria, but still lovely. I am enjoying having the house to myself for a few days and being able to potter at my own pace. Enjoy the rest of your week.


  5. You are so good how you make a decision to get away and off you go. One night is better than none and those photo’s sure do make where you went look very inviting. I hope the little one is feeling better now. Wonderful that you got some time with your Mum and an opportunity for some time to yourself too! Happy 2 year blogiversary! I too get a lot of pleasure from my little space on the internet. 🙂 #TeamLovinLife


    • I know what you mean. We are just swimming once a week at night in the outside pool and I have to talk myself into going every week.


  6. Congrats at hitting two years! Sounds like you have been enjoying the nice Perth weather lately 🙂


  7. Most people don’t have the energy to walk the Busselton pier and you’re going to swim it! BTW I’m rubbing the sand from my feet as I type. How lucky we are. …. bugger now I’ll have to sweep the floor!


  8. Happy Blogaversary! I’ve walked along Busselton Jetty, I bet it will be a so exhilarating to swim it (just stay stinger free!) Your night away sounded magic, I think it’s true what they say a change is as good as a rest! Hope your boy is feeling loads better!


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