Ten on Ten: Take me to the river

Welcome to ten on ten! On the 10th of each month I share 10 photos from our family life.

I was craving some time in nature, a craving I have on a regular basis. We filled up the picnic basket with goodies, put the kayaks on the roof of the car and set off.

Our first stop was Bells Rapids which is located in the Swan Valley.  The children lead the way so of course we were scrambling over rocks and taking every trail that caught their eye.

Trail Bells Rapids

In February we experienced record rain fall, the rivers were flowing fast and breaking their banks. A few months later and there is no sign of those heavy rains and the river was rather low.

Bells Rapids

Crossing over the bridge we watched the white water rapids before walking along the river. The place was crowded, it seems everyone was out bush walking. We decided to not take the popular trails and walk along the Pilgrim Trail instead. The trail will take you to New Norcia which is 150 kilometers away if you are keen on a big hike!

Bells Rapid Bridge

With so many people around we decided to seek a much quieter spot.  Middle Swan Reserve had plenty of grass to spread out our picnic blanket and soak up the suns rays.

After lunch it was time to sit and get fit! We put the kayaks in the water and went for a paddle.Kayak Swan River

We watched an eagle at the top of a tree looking for prey. Something caught his eye and before you know it he was diving for food.

Eagle on Swan River.jpg

We walked some more, just to make sure the children sleep well!

Swan River Walk.jpg

Some friendly alpacas come to the waters edge to see what was going on.

Swan River Alpacas.jpg

Swan River Kayaking.jpg

Alpacas on Swan River.jpg

JJ was content sitting on the banks of the river making mud pies. Making mud pies has to be one of the greatest joys as a child.

Mud pies.jpg

The whole family got their nature fix and we were all worn out after the days activities! Everyone had a good night sleep, it is amazing what some fresh air and exercise can do for you.

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18 thoughts on “Ten on Ten: Take me to the river

  1. I love how your kids are being brought up with a love & respect for the outdoors. As always, enjoyed these pics. #Teamlovinlife


  2. I loved your photo’s Anne! You crave nature a lot just like me … but you do something about it more often than I do. Those Alpaca’s – just gorgeous. Seeing the picture of your daughter making mud pies takes me back. I used to love playing in dirt and mud as a kid. You photos make me realise that I am WAY overdue for a bit of a nature getaway. Time to get planning I think! #TeamLovinLife


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