Learning how to take a selfie at uni!

Selfie ideas

That is correct I am doing a course at uni on how to take a selfie! Who would have thought such a course was available. The course is actually called Photography and Social Media and the main idea is to create an online identity or brand.

There are so many different sides to me whether it be professional, social or creative. I am trying to create images that say something about me!

What approach should I take? Which Anne do put out there in the online world? There is Anne the camper, knitter, beach lover, traveller, mother, nature enthusiast and swimmer/waterpolo player.

When I am out and about I have been trying to take a self portrait. Some of the photos are taken on my phone as that is all I have had with me when inspiration has hit.

So if you see some crazy lady at the playground climbing a tree and taking photos of her feet it is probably just me. Don’t worry it has it’s advantages as I can see my children better from up high.


Here are some of my self portraits that I have taken so far.


John Oldman park 092.JPG

Feet at Beach.JPG


Bald Hill View

Self portrait Knitting.jpg


It has been fun experimenting and there were plenty of photos that didn’t work out as I hoped.

I need to submit three photos for the course that define me. I am still trying to decide what look to go for.

What do you think? Can I work with any of these ideas? Do you have any cool selfie ideas?

P.S I totally need a pedicure!

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23 thoughts on “Learning how to take a selfie at uni!

  1. My kids (teenagers) are always telling me off for taking photos. But they are doing an art project now, so the worm has turned … And I am happy to help them. They don’t have to do social media though, which is a blessing. Also? I need a pedicure too! (Your pics are great BTW).


    • Thank you, they are the three I was planning on submitting for my assignment. I started to doubt myself as I got so many other opinions! If you say it is the way to go then it must be right!!


  2. Yep I’m a fan of the Bald Hill one. It tells a few things about you in one photo. That’s what I’d be aiming for – a photo that tells a story, rather than a sentence (if that makes sense?!)


  3. I saw so many that I would select. I liked the variety too. You have done an amazing course! Thanks for linking up for #lifethisweek 19/52 Next week’s prompt: Favourite Junk Food


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