It is a wrap 2017

grassJust like that another year is almost over! December is a busy month for us, along with all the Christmas parties we have two birthdays. JJ is turning 6 and I am slightly freaking out as I am turning 40! 


I love to inspire people to get outdoors with their family, away from modern technology and enjoying nature. Travel doesn’t have to cost the earth, you can pitch a tent and get away from it all.

Our car was loaded up with camping gear a total of 13 times over the year. We tried out seven new camp grounds. Took on a challenge and 4wd the remote Holland Track, which covers 500kms and finishes in the goldfields.

Holland Track Bush Camp


It was my fourth time I competed in the Rottnest Channel Swim,  one of Western Australia’s iconic events.  The conditions seemed to be perfect but the current proved to be a challenge. It was our slowest time to complete the 19.7km open water swim from Cottesloe Beach to Rottnest Island. Even though we didn’t break any records we still had a great day!


Next year I am going to paddle for some friends so hopefully I can keep them in a straight line and guide them safely to shore! I have also signed up to do the Busselton Jetty swim in February.


I did a short course at uni on how to take a selfie! Yes you heard right, the course is actually called Photography and Social Media and the main idea is to create an online identity or brand. It was great fun experimenting and it helped me to improve my photography.


Plastic Free July

Sadly I have noticed that our beaches are becoming polluted.  My family needs to change its behaviours so we can protect our environment for my children and future generations. I signed up for Plastic Free July and it opened my eyes, made me realise how much single use plastic we use on a daily basis.

In fact Australia is one of the most wasteful countries in the developed world.

I got off to a rocky start but over time I start to change my habits. Taking baby steps and avoiding as much plastic as possible. Researching and working out alternatives.


Blogging Recognition

It is always nice when someone thinks that your blog deserves some credit. I was honoured to be nominated for Travel Blog Awards with Mr Promocode.

Geronimo named my blog as a top Perth travel blogs to follow in 2018. They are putting the pressure on now! I better get out there and discover some new places next year to share with you all.

What does 2018 have install?

We are starting the year off exploring Warpole. As mentioned before I have the Busselton Jetty swim, hopefully there will be no sharks around!

After that you will have to follow along to see what outdoor adventures we have install.

Have a wonderful Christmas and I will catch you in the new year!

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