4wding from Ledge Point to Seabird

4wding Ledge Point to Seabird.pngSummer Holidays are for hitting the beach with a bit of 4 wheel driving thrown in for fun.

We departed Perth and drove 120 kilometers north along the Indian Ocean Drive to a small coastal town called Ledge Point. The main beach was crowded with holiday makers so we didn’t stick around. We dropped the tyre pressure in our 4wds and followed the coast line back towards Perth.

In search for our own private beach to have lunch and relax. Taking our time to explore the coast line.

Only moments after leaving Ledge Point did we hit a large sand dune which proved to be a bit of a challenge for the land cruiser. After many failed attempts to reach the top Dixie let down the tyre pressure a bit more and we cruised it in.

Ledge Point Sand Dune.jpg

Ledge Point Top Dune.JPG

Perched on top of the dune we were provided with a stunning view of Ledge Point and beyond. The kids young and old had a go at sand boarding down the dune. I had seen Dixie do it before with a beer in hand so I thought to myself how hard can it be? After a few attempts I got a feel for it. Your natural instinct is to lean back but you need to do the opposite and lean forward. Before long the board was building up speed and I was making my descent, thankfully without copping a mouthful of sand!

Ledge Point Sand Boarding-A.jpg

Back in the car we followed the tracks south. In parts the track was tight and we listened to the bushes scrap down the side of the car. An ear piercing sound, like finger nails down a blackboard.

Dotted along the coast are holiday shacks. There is even two railway carriages that once would have been holiday accommodation. It amazes me to think how they would have transported them to this secluded location. A snake skin was at the entrance a reminder of what is hiding in the scrub and sand dunes.


Ledge Point Railway Carriage.JPG

Ledge Point Snake Skin.JPG

We searched for a secluded beach to cook up our lunch. A majority of the beaches were too soft to drive the vehicle on but eventually we found our own beach to explore.

Ledge Point Soft Sand.JPG

It was an unusually cool summers day but the sun’s rays still had a bite. We cooked up a feast, walked, splashed in the waves and beach combed.


The tracks are mainly sandy with the occasional patch of lime stone rocks to cross. Low lying scrub is visible at the start of the journey and then we spot a long iconic WA Christmas tree, also known as Nuytsia. The vibrant orange flowers only appear at christmas time stand out among the terrain. From this point the growth is taller and thicker.

Ledge Point WA Christmas Tree.JPG

If you are looking for a place to 4wd, fish and swim then this is a great day out. There is even a chance you will spot some kangaroos and dolphins while you are exploring.

Information on the Track

  • Ledge Point is 120 kilometers from Perth on the Indian Ocean Drive.
  • The track starts South of the main beach in Ledge Point.
  • Choose the correct tyre pressure (around 16psi)
  • Some of the beaches are not very wide so take note of the tide.
  • The tracks are mainly sandy with the occasional patch of lime stone rocks.
  • Safest to 4wd in a group.

You Tube – Life’s a beach in WA

Check out our You Tube clip of our 4wd trip here.

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21 thoughts on “4wding from Ledge Point to Seabird

  1. I love 4WDing (though we do more mud/ bush adventures than beach), your day out looks like so much fun! Sand boarding is always a blast, I’ll have to break my board out and show my kids how it’s done!


  2. Oh wow, 4WDing on soft sand sounds like a challenge. I’ve never driven a 4WD in weird environments but we went to Fraser Island a lot when I was young and my uncle was a bit of an expert in terms of the rocks on the beach and the dunes and inland tracks. Mind you, I think those were the days you had to get out and adjust the nuts on the tyres etc yourself after leaving the paved roads!


  3. I love how you show me (and us!) part of Australia I will never experience. I did go 4WDriving on a beach at Port Macquarie decades ago and I loved it..as a passenger, I was 16! Thanks for linking up for #lifethisweek 2/52 Denyse


  4. Looks like a lovely spot! We took our girls on their first ever camping trip last year for a month, while we don’t have a 4WD (its an AWD), we found some wonderful beaches in SA to walk and play in the sand dunes. Hoping to get to WA on our next trip 🙂


  5. It sounds pretty good to me. I went there once and just succeed to get bogged I didn’t have much experience 4WD, I cannot say it was a success. But the place is beautiful and the sea is wonderful overt here.


  6. I wish there were more places nearby were you can drive on the beach. I am not aware of many despite growing up right along the the North Shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota. In sand especially soft sand airing way way down will help, and recovery boards too and a friend to drag you out when that doesn’t work. You took lots of great photos and I really look forward to your next post.


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