Kids Camping Outfits

Kids camping outfitsWe love getting the children outdoors playing in nature and camping. Ever since they were babies we have been taking them camping. Often we camp in the winter months, the temperature during the day in Western Australia is pretty mild. However the mornings and late afternoons can get a little chilly!

There is a saying “There’s no bad weather, only bad clothes” and I couldn’t agree more. If we go off on an adventure and the children are cold and uncomfortable they just want to go home. There is no coming back once they are reach that stage.  I find if I dress them appropriately for the days weather conditions then we are going to have a great day. Ok so there may still be a few tantrums but that just goes with the territory of children!

Cotswold Outdoor  has a great range of children’s clothing suitable for camping and enjoying the outdoors. If you are going camping or just getting the kids outdoors here are a few ideas on what you can dress them in.

Kids Camping

1 – Kids Puddle IV – The perfect outfit to pop on your little one, they can splash and play all day. It is a fully waterproof suit to ensure they stay dry and comfortable.

2 – Stormbreak Jacket – Ideal to put on over their outfit so kids can be kids and play in the rain.

3 – Button Heart Wellies – Cute design gumboots are perfect for keeping their feet dry as they jump in puddles or stomp in the mud.

4 – Kids Puppet Gloves – What child would not want to wear these cute gloves, have a puppet show and keep your hands warm at the same time!

5 – Zip-Off Trousers – Highly versatile for kids who love the outdoors, the legs zip off just above the knee so they can be converted into shorts.

6 – PomPom Hat – Perfect hat to keep little heads warm this winter.

Boys winter camping outfit

1 – 3-in-1 Jacket – Waterproof, windproof outer keeps kids protected from the elements. The fleece can be zipped out and either layer can be worn on its own.

2 – Fin Pants – Durable, quick dry pants with an elastic waistband which are idea for trekking.

3 – Spiderman Polar Buff – This fleece tube can be worn in a multitude of ways, as a scarf, a headband or as a beanie.

4 – Crosswind Mid Boot – This sporty, waterproof winter hiking shoe guarantees warm, dry feet!

5 – Mitts – Great for keeping your hands warm and toasty.

6 – Beanie – This knitted beanie has a warm lining for extra wind blocking protection.

Rug up the kids, keep them warm and get out into nature. Camp, explore, climb trees, jump in puddles, catch tadpole and just let them be good old fashioned kids!

Do you have a favourite outfit for camping?

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5 thoughts on “Kids Camping Outfits

  1. I really want to go camping. Right now. Just need someone to do all the hard work for me. We’ve only camped the once since moving to Perth. It was for a media weekend for National Parks. So much fun but it revealed our old tent wasn’t up to scratch. We’ve replaced it since then. Found our dream $1000 plus tent on Gumtree for $200 (only used once). Just need to find the time to test it.


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