Review: Camping Cutlery Box

cutlery boxCamping is in our blood and we try and get out at least every six weeks. We are constantly thinking of ways we can improved out set up to make our lives easier. I must admit that our cutlery was always in a bit of a mess until now!

Dixie made a set of draws for our camper trailer which has helped our storage issue. The only problem is that our cutlery is mixed up with our cups and it is always a mission to find a spoon or what ever it is you need.

Now we have the perfect solution! On our recent camping trip we used a camping cutlery box from Creative Camping Solutions. Our cutlery was kept together which meant it was easy to locate plus when we were out 4wding or spending the day by the lake we could take the cutlery box with us. We are often eating outdoors while we are out exploring our beautiful country.

Camping Cutlery Box.JPG

The Cutlery Box is a good size (35cm x 27cm x 5cm) which means you can also fit in other items. There are six compartments and room for a sharp knife, tongs and peeler. Oh and don’t forget the bottle opener because who doesn’t like a little drink while they are watching the sunset!

Camping Cutlery Box.JPG

The Cutlery Box is durable as it stood up to us 4wding over some rough tracks. The box also seals which keeps the cutlery clean and free from dust and the pesky Aussie bugs! I love to support Australian made things and the best part is it is designed and manufactured right here in Perth, Western Australia.

Cutlery Box.jpg

The Cutlery Box is available from Creative Camping Solutions and it retails for $25.00. If you need to keep your cutlery in order while you are out and about I recommend picking one up.

I am also thinking of getting another one and using it as a craft box for the children. Great for those rainy days when they are stuck inside the tent. They can draw, get creative and have all their craft supplies on hand.

Do you have a way to keep your cutlery neat and tidy? Do you think the Cutlery Box is something you would use?

**We received the Cutlery Box for the purpose of this review. All the opinions of the product in this review are my own**

23 thoughts on “Review: Camping Cutlery Box

  1. Very nice work! Mr M’s parents have a caravan and go camping a lot and it is so well stocked. Everything has its place and they have lists of things that they need to stock up on after every trip. It works like clockwork!


  2. Fantastic idea! Wish we went camping. We don’t have any of the gear. You’ve made me want to go camping! lol #TeamLovinLife


    • I agree I think you could find lots of purposes for it. Just cleaning up the kids craft area and I think it would be handy for all their pencils, glue, scissors etc


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