June Moments: Outback to the Ocean

I like to look back and reflect on the month. Sometimes a month can fly by and I think that nothing much happened. But when I look back I realise that there were lots of little moments that made it pretty special.

June was unkind to us, the winter bugs have settled in! Viruses, gastro, colds, you name it, we got it.  Hopefully, everyone’s immune system is built up and we will be healthy for the rest of winter.

Outback Adventures


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Ten on Ten: Green

On the 10th of each month I share 10 photos taken in one day. I have never been one to follow the rules (unless I am cooking then I always stick to the recipe) so I am snapping pics over several days.

I had been thinking about getting a DSLR camera for a while as I enjoy taking photos. Usually I hand to the camera over to my partner Dixie as he has an eye for photography.  Finally I decided to splurge and spend the money. I purchased a Nikon D3400  but my new toy was soon hijacked by Dixie on our recent camping trip!

Nikon D3400

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What I learnt on my Photo Essay Course


Photography is something that I struggle with and I often hand the camera over to my partner Dixie. I shy away from taking photos as he is much better at it than me. I decided it was time to take action so I enrolled with the University of Tasmania to do a Photo Essay Course.

I really enjoyed the course as it got me out of my comfort zone by capturing images that I wouldn’t normally shoot.

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