Ten on Ten: Country Life

Welcome to ten on ten! On the 10th of each month I share 10 photos from our family life.

School holidays have hit Western Australia and I decided to pack the kids up and head to the country. Poor Dixie was left in Perth working hard while we got our country fix.


I was dreading driving just under 400 kilometers with two small children but to my surprise it all went smoothly. The road lead us to Mt Barker where we spent time with our family.

Water drops

The days were cool and crisp.



We enjoyed slow gentle days pottering and exploring my mums garden.


What is a visit to the country if you don’t step foot on a farm?

My Great Grandfather claimed this land in the early 1900’s. Over the years the farm has expanded to include the new generations.


The sheep have the best view with the Porongurups and Stirling Rangers in the distance.

Castle Rock.jpeg

It is not enough to just soak in the view of the Porongurups, I had to climb it! Winding my way up a steep 2.2 kilometre track and scampering over rocks to make it to the top of Castle Rock.

Blancing Rock.jpeg

The Balancing Rock is a giant sculpture shaped by natural forces. Every time I see it I am amazed at how it sits there so perfectly.

Due to the weather our view from the top was obstructed by the clouds. However there were the odd snow flake floating past our face.

Mt Barker Hill.jpg

You can never tire of this landscape. This time we soaked in the view from the top of Mt Barker hill.

Dinner Plate.jpg

I was reconnecting with my roots. Asking questions about my family and learning about our history.

This dinner plate was bought out to Australia from England by my Great Great Grandfather in the 1800’s.

I wish I was interested in family history when my grandparents were alive. There is so much information which has been lost and may never be rediscovered.

My desire to live in the country grows after every visit.

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26 thoughts on “Ten on Ten: Country Life

  1. Yes, I often wish my great-grandparents and grandparents had written books about their lives!!! To them, they would have been ordinary and boring, but it would be incredible to have the history of what they’ve lived through written down!


  2. A magic part of Australia.
    I’ve spent a lot of time researching our ancestors and wondering why they made certain decisions. Yet sometimes we just decide to move house on little more than a whim. Just a little thought that seems like a good idea and we’ve moved to another suburb or changed career. Yes perhaps we should all keep journals for our poor descendants to save them from wondering. 😉


  3. Gorgeous photographs Anne and how incredible is that balancing rock! My desire to live in the country grows and grows too. I *NEED* to be surrounded in nature. I am not meant for suburbia. One day! I understand your regret for not being interested in family history when your grandparents were alive. I feel the same. I never met my grandfathers as both had died before I was born but I had two grandmothers. Sadly they both died when I was still a teen. As an adult, how I would love to talk to them and learn about life for them when they were young and ask them questions about my Mum and Dad when they were growing up. #TeamLovinLife


    • I don’t belong in the city either, I am still working on my partner to move!!! I am planning on asking my parents lots of questions and write it all down so I can share it with my children when they are older.


  4. How nice for you and your children to have a family farm to visit in the country. I lived on a dairy farm when I was little and loved it. There was always something to do and explore on our farm and I can see from your photos that the same goes here.:) #TeamLovinLife


  5. There is nothing like getting away to recharge our batteries. We have just taken a short trip back to my “roots” in the wheatbelt. Even though I’ve never lived here, it feels like home to me. Yes, I agree, I wish I too had cared enough about family history to ask more questions when my grandparents were alive. Our Australianism goes back generations, I wish I knew more about it. Happy road tripping. I’m joining you today over on the Lovin Life linky.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. How amazing is that rock?! Wonderful that you can take your kids to the farm so they can experience it all too. Not envious of that drive with kids, drives me up the wall is where lol! Blogging is such a great way to leave our stories for our grandkids x


  7. Wow, the quiet and calm just oozes through. Until late last year I always lived in pretty busy areas (inner city in Brisbane and even on the esplanade here in Hervey Bay). I’m still in suburbia now but it’s a bit out of town and almost everyone has huge double blocks and the quiet is just blissful. Plus the night sky is amazing! #teamlovinlife


  8. This is an awesome idea!! I loved to see your ten photos! And I’m glad that you “survived ” the road trip!


  9. I was so sad when my parents sold their property in the country and moved into town. I mean, I love their new place and they are still in a country town, but sitting on their front veranda drinking tea and just looking at hills and cows and horses was my favourite thing to do.


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