Raffles Hotel Singapore and the butler button

Raffles HotelYou can image my excitement when my business card was drawn out of a hat at the Asean Tourism Forum and the prize was a nights accommodation at the prestigious Raffles Hotel in Singapore. The hotel first opened its doors in 1887, since then this five star hotel has become an icon.

Maybe I slept on the same bed as the queen? Ok so it was more likely the same bed as one of her servants but that is close enough for me!

As my mum had never been overseas I decided that Singapore would be a nice introduction to Asia and not too much of a culture shock. However I am not sure she was the right choice!

In our room there was a nice shiny butler bell that was just waiting to be pressed. Every time I reached for the butler bell my mother would say don’t you dare ring that bell, do it yourself. Isn’t that the whole point of staying in such a prestigious hotel, to be waited on hand and foot?

Raffles Hotel  Raffles Hotel

During our stay I got to enjoy a classic English tradition by having High Tea in the Tiffin Room. Sipped on the world’s most iconic cocktail the Singapore Sling which was invented in the Long Bar. In the Long Bar everyone was eating peanuts and throwing their shells on the ground but mum probably wouldn’t let me do that either! I ate the best chilli crab I have ever tasted, browsed the shops, relaxed by the pool and strolled down the Hall of Fame, a corridor lined with photos of famous people who have stayed at the property.

I got to do all these wonderful things on our holiday but the best part was spending quality time with my mum. She is a strong country woman who never asks for help and just gets on with the job at hand. She has a good community spirit and always willing to help others. It just would have been nice if she could have let someone take care of her for a change, someone like a butler!!!

I never did get to press that butler button!

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20 thoughts on “Raffles Hotel Singapore and the butler button

  1. Oh my how exciting to have won! The hotel sounds amazing, my mouth was watering at the thought of chilli crab, its one of my favourites 🙂 Though I would’ve given in and pressed that butler bell… many many times. Thanks for stopping by my blog through #snapshotstory 🙂


  2. We stayed at Raffles many years ago. Such a beautiful iconic place. What a shame you didn’t get to press that butler’s bell – just once! You’ll have to return, just so you can do it! 🙂


  3. It’s so nice to be decadent once in a while! I have been to Raffles Hotel but I couldn’t afford to even try a Singapore Sling. Maybe next time!!


  4. You won a stay at Raffles Hotel?? That’s unbelievable!! I live in Singapore and I barely dare to step into Raffles Hotel. It is like a world of its own – for the rich and famous. #wednesdaywanderlust


  5. I love the Raffles and make sure I get there every time I’m in Singapore, not to press the bell, but for a mandatory Singapore Sling… and I throw my peanut shells on the floor, after all it’s the only place you can litter in Singapore. I have also devoured the chilli crab. I love Singapore and thanks for linking this with #TheWeeklyPostcard


  6. Hahaha – thanks for the giggle. Your mum sounds precious and you’re a good daughter to obey her as you did. I wonder if she’d have let you press the butler button if you told her you had to do it because you had to write about it for your blog story?

    Well, no matter. You did something that most of us only dream of. What a thrill!


  7. Lucky you to have your card drawn, and what a lovely daughter to choose your mother to accompany you. Still, I would have pushed the button, perhaps when she was out of the room? Well, I guess you’ll have to go back.


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