Cobblers Pool and our Companion Solar Blanket

At the beginning of the month, Perth and it’s surrounding areas copped a battering with thunderstorms. Records were smashed, within 24 hours we received the average rainfall for the whole month of March! With so much water around, we decided to take advantage of the situation and explore the Avon River. We also wanted to do a test run of our new Bushman Fridge and Companion 200W Solar Blanket before we embark on our Aussie Road Trip.

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Milligan Island Camping Ground


The car and camper trailer was packed and we were ready to set off for the Easter long weekend. The only problem was we had no booking and no where to go. We hoped to get a site at Sandy Cape Recreational Park which is a first in first severed basis campground. It seems that everyone else had the same plan and the place was full to the brim.

What were we to do? Where will we stay? Suddenly I remembered a camp ground we had seen on one of our previous adventures. We headed a little further up the coast to Milligan Island Camping Ground and thankfully we managed to get a site.Read More »

Camping at Lake Brockman Tourist Park

Camping at Lake BrockmanPeople often tell me that they are envious of our adventures. We try and get away every six weeks and they are usually short camping trips. I decided to put the call out to all my friends and let them know that we were camping at Lake Brockman. Anyone was welcome to join us and to my surprise we had 11 families take up the offer. It was a wonderful getaway for everyone and most of all I loved seeing the children enjoying nature.Read More »