Road trip to the farm for a 40th!

Sunrise on the farm

Nothing beats a road trip, especially when the kids are not in the car!!! We loaded up the car with our camping gear and headed down the country road to my friends farm. The shearing shed had a makeover with festoon lights and other decorations ready to celebrate Liv’s 40th birthday!

Here is how the road trip went!

Pilot: Dixie is always behind the wheel and doesn’t like being a passenger! Or maybe he just doesn’t like my driving??

Co-pilot: That would be me, Anne! It seems that when Dixie it too hung over it is fine for me to drive!

Vehicle: Driving our Landcruiser as it is decked out for camping. Plus it has a fridge to keep our Gatorade cold, an essential item for a hangover!

On the back seat: Baby seats that were empty! It is the first time that Dixie and I have been away without the kids. I am not going to lie it was very exciting!

Listening: The car stereo was blaring out good old 90 rock tunes from artists like Pearl Jam, Powder Finger, Guns n Roses etc. At the 40th birthday party the shearing shed was alive with music from the 70’s and 80’s.

I see out the window: Dry, brown paddocks.

Texting: Our babysitter to make sure the children are ok.

Drinking: Beer at the party and Gatorade in the car on the way home!

Hours in car: Two hours on the highway.

Random things you see: A large rock on the side of the road painted green with a huge smiley face!

Feeling: Excited to have freedom!

Snacking: On chips in the car and we don’t have to share with the kids!

Weather: Windy as all hell!

We came here to: Celebrate Liv’s 40th birthday in country style. The theme of the night was Rockstars and Movie theme. Great to see that everyone made an effort to dress up.

The people are: Happy and a few slightly crazy ones out there! Like they say there ain’t nothin’ like a country crowd!

Smelling: Sheep poo in the shearing shed! The down side of having a party on a farm.

Wearing: Clothes from the Op Shop. Anne – Leather pinafore, ripped stockings, tie and cat ears, dressed as Chrissy Amphlett from the Divinyls. Dixie – Crocodile teeth, hat, leather vest, dressed as Crocodile Dundee.

Loving: That people said we look like a loved up couple that had just meet.

Disliking: Being so close to my home town but not having time to pop in for a visit.

The best thing we ate: Lamb on the spit, sorry little lamb!

Wildest moment along the way: Someone cracking a whip in the wee hours of the morning!

Wondering: Why I don’t have any telephone reception on the farm? Are the kids ok?

Sleeping: In our tent which was almost blown across the paddock!

Breakfast: Thanks to farmer Jack for cooking bacon and egg rolls for everyone, you rock!

I’m struggling with: Driving 200kms with a hangover!

Chrissy Amphlett, Divinyls dress up

40th dress up party.jpg

1978 lights.jpg

Fabulous night, everyone had a blast and it was so good to catch up with lots of old mates.

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7 thoughts on “Road trip to the farm for a 40th!

  1. OH my gosh – I wanna be in that car with you and going to the farm too! Loved the prompted description of this little getaway. Yay to freedom (and a wee bit of kid-free time)! 🙂 #TeamLovinLife


  2. Ha ha! I love your costumes and you do make a very believable Chrissy Amphlett. There’s nothing better than a good old bush bash! #TeamLovinLife


  3. What a lot of fun was had! The FIRST time without the kids! Yay. I believe there should be more of that. And, you have reminded me, my younger child, born in 1979 is 40 next year! Yikes!! Denyse x


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