Farm Life

Cat in the canola.JPGOn our recent trip back to my home town we were lucky enough to house sit on a farm. The lure of an old farm house, wide open spaces, a warm cosy fire to sit by was too much to pass up. In return we had to feed a few animals which gave the children great joy.

Turning onto the dirt road and seeing a cloud of red dust in the review mirror made me feel at ease. A reminder of the country life I had left behind.

Experiencing pure bliss while sipping on my morning cuppa on the deck and watching the sunrise over the paddocks. Staring into the open space, enjoying the silence.

Sunrise on the farm.JPG

There is such a stillness on the farm, the occasional sheep bleating or a magpie singing their beautiful song. I really noticed the call of a magpie and how it sounds like a flute. Look out any window of the house and you can see for miles, paddocks of green wheat or bright yellow canola.


Rope swing.JPG

We enjoyed cool crisp foggy mornings, collecting eggs, walks around the farm, so many things for the children to climb, puddles to jump in, dirt to kick, fresh air to breath deep into your lungs.

Foggy morning

Farm life makes you appreciate the simple things in life.

45 thoughts on “Farm Life

  1. Hello, how nice to e-meet you and visit your blog. I love a bit of time out of the ‘burbs, and your photos really took me into the middle of the country. I’m in Orange today, but it’s still a city, very different from Sydney but still not out amongst the fields as you were. Lovely

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  2. I love the stillness of the countryside. It was a sad day when my parents sold their farm to move into town. Oh well, at least I had it at one stage of my life. I will always remember it.

    Love that cat photo! Thanks for joining the Lovin’ Life Linky


  3. My child also loves dirt. What is it with children, and dirt? They can’t get enough of it haha. My two-year-old daughter carry’s her bantam rooster around, and she named him Fred. I love our farm, and couldn’t picture myself anywhere else. It sounds like you had a great time!

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  4. I was brought up on a farm and loved every minute of it. Such freedom. Always something to do. I know it was a hard life for mum and dad, but for me and my siblings it was fun.


  5. I followed several bloggers from Australia. I’m always amazed at the diversity of the countryside. You each bring something different to discover and learn about. I know you’re not really an island but a continent but I’m blown away about how big Australia actually is. Somehow it’s not the same from my geography days to discover the uniqueness and size of your country.


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