Giveaway: Elektra Cloud9 Juniors Nap Mat

Nap Mat Giveaway.jpgIf you already follow this blog you will know that we are a family who loves to camp and go on adventures. One of the things I struggle with while camping is keeping the kids warm at bed time. JJ hates being in a sleeping bag and often complains that her back is cold while she is sleeping on her stretcher.

Recently we road tested the Elektra Clound 9 Junior Nap Mat while camping and found that it did the trick. JJ was nice and snug sleeping on the nap mat. I recommend if you are using the nap mat for camping that you use a foam mat or a stretcher bed underneath.

The Elektra Cloud9 Nap Mat is a 3-in-1 sleeping unit that is perfect for kids. It is easy to carry as it rolls ups, clips together and has a carry handle. They also offer nap mats for smaller children which is perfect for day sleeps. Once you know where your child will be resting their weary head simply undo the buckles and roll out the mat.  The comfy mat is quilted, has a removable pillow and a blanket all in one handy pack.

The Nap Mat has been redesigned so that that it has a thicker mat to make it extra comfy for your little ones.

Junior Nap Mat Features:

  • Suitable for 5-12+ year olds (Mat 170 x 60cm)
  • Outer material is made from 120gsm polyester for easy cleaning and durability
  • Thick 340gsm quilted mat for ultimate comfort
  • Tested against toddlers and washing machines
  • Soft quilted blanket and mat
  • Removable, high quality pillow
  • Convenient carrying handle with buckles
  • Perfect for sleepovers, travel and road trips
  • Machine washable
  • Stain resistant
  • Easy to roll, clip and carry
  • Comes in a choice of three designs

Nap Mat

Competition Details

Thank you to everyone who entered. The winner is Mel S

Elektra Bub Tots & Kids Shop and I have organised a giveaway. Simply leave me a comment as to why you would like to win The Clound9 Juniors Nap Mat (RRP $69.95) by 2 October 2016 to be in with a chance to win. This competition is only open to Australian residents.

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**We received the Elektra Cloud9 Nap Mat for the purpose of this review. All the opinions of the product in this review are my own**

31 thoughts on “Giveaway: Elektra Cloud9 Juniors Nap Mat

  1. How good do these look? I know what you mean about always worrying if they’re warm enough camping. I get up and down so many times to check and double check that they haven’t turned into an icicle that I spend half the trip in a complete mombie zone. These could actually get me some sleep! They also look perfect for an impromptu sleepover. They’d be very handy to just roll out.


  2. This would be perfect for our many camping abventures! I love that it’s machine washable too, meaning I can just chuck it in with a load of washing.


  3. I totally wished these came in adult sizes because I want one! But it would also be great for our five year old son. Both hubby and I have so many special memories growing up of camping and want the same for our son. The nap mat would be perfect for the many camping trips we have planned (and a sleepover or two in the backyard as well!)


  4. We’re taking Master 2 on his first camping trip at Christmas and this would be perfect for him…..hmmm 170cm in length, it would almost fit me 🙂


  5. I would love one of these as we go camping a lot as well and my 15 month old at the minute shares a swag with us and we’ll lets just say he takes up more of our swag them we do. So would be great to be able to have him sleep next to us in his own little bed and covers xx


  6. These look gloriously comfortable. I wish they were adult size, but I know my small miss would love them… she’s a cuddler and likes to snuggle up for activities, so I imagine she’d use this in our lounge and it would be invaluable when on holidays and visiting the grandparents… a small familiar piece of home to help encourage sleep in new environments.


  7. Perfect for family Movie Nights
    Snug and warm, nice and tight
    Great for sleepovers and camping too
    The Elektra mat will certainly do!


  8. My little boy has finally outgrown his porta cot and we would love a nap mat for him to use for family holidays now. What an amazing idea!!!


  9. Those owls are so cute! I would love to give a nap mat to my bestie’s daughter Miss A so when they stay at my house we can pretend we are camping indoors …. Miss A will have a good nap and my bestie and I can enjoy some adult time!


  10. We have 3 kids and find that they all slide out of their sleeping bags when we camp. Then they jump into our camp bed, which of course I LOVE, but wouldn’t it be nice if they could sleep in their own tent and experience the joys of independence! I’m just thinking of them. Really.


  11. We also love camping, and although we live in the NT, winter temperatures overnight while camping can be a little chilly! My oldest Miss HATES sleeping in her sleeping bag, so I have to drag her doona and pillows with us on trips. I’d love to win the Junior Nap Mat to use on future camping trips with her, as the purple owl print would completely win her over!


  12. I would love to win this for my son. It is perfect for him to have a nap in when he gets tired whilst we are visiting my sister for a bbq, which we do quite a bit.


  13. My 6 year old daughter is having an early morning start at school where they do camp activities next term. One of the items she needs to take is bedding. The Elektra Cloud9 Nap Mat would be perfect to take along. Purple is her favourite colour so I know she would love the purple owl print. She is so excited about the thought of learning about bush tucker and camping with her class mates. The nap map would be apart of some wonderful childhood experiences and adventures.


  14. My niece would adore this. She has lots of sleep overs at my place and this is perfect. Another reason to high five when she comes over. 🙂


  15. Our 5 year old has become a big brother this year after a very long wait. He’s the most helpful brother-entertaining our 6 month old when needed, patiently waiting for me to finish feeding before I can be with him and getting me anything I need. He’d love to have a sleep over in his little brothers room. The nap mat would ensure that he’s comfie and warm; having a well deserved great time!


  16. This would be so handy for trips to grandmas or daycare or even just watching a movie in the lounge room. Really cute and versatile. Thank you


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