Google Book

Lately I feel like social media is consuming too much of my time, I am constantly checking Facebook and Instagram. I mean seriously what I am really going to miss? Instead of looking at my phone I should be engaging with my children or cleaning the house. Actually I will find anything else to do other than clean the house!

Social Media was not around when I was on a working holiday in England the main way to keep in touch was via email and the odd phone call home. I must admit that Social Media would have made it a lot easier to let loved ones know what was happening on the other side of the world.

It wasn’t that long ago that Dixie and I created a Google book. What is a google book you ask? Well when we were crossing the Nullarbor Plain, spending hours and hours in the car having arguments discussions about any and every topic under the sun we started writing all these questions down in our Google book.  The intention was to google all the answers when we got home but that never happened!

Recently we have been camping with families who bring ipads for their kids and on both occasions within the first half an hour they have been smashed and are no longer working. And what do you know both families have said it was the best thing that has happened as they felt more connected with their children and enjoyed watching them climb trees, build cubby houses and enjoying nature.

When we go camping I go without the internet and I don’t miss it all. My hiatus is so refreshing and I just focused on our family, exploring the great outdoors and enjoying the simple pleasures in life.

Lets give everyone in the family a break from technology and let them be free! I might have to jot some questions down in my Google book just in case I need to prove a point when we return home!!

North Beach

March (64)

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