5 Tips to getting great candid photos

5 tips on getting great canded shots.jpgGetting natural photos of my children is something I always struggle with. My mission is to become a better photographer and capture beautiful moments of our adventures. While I don’t put close up photos of my children on the blog, I want them to have private images to look back on when they are older.

Hollie Mackenzie a Perth Lifestyle Photographer has given me some tips to improve my photography. Kindly she has shared her tips on how to get great candid photos.

Here are 5 tips to getting great candid photos.

  1. Loose the flash – Don’t use your flash, you will definitely be noticed. Widen your aperture and raise your ISO, this will enable to you to take good photos in low light.
  2. Always have your camera on hand – you will get used to having it on you and used to strangers looking at you sideways. It’s the best way to ensure you don’t miss magic moments.
  3. Be patient – the right moment can take time. Wait patiently with your camera focused on your subject, they can move quickly, especially young children.
  4. Telephoto lens – use a zoom lens so you can make yourself invisible. With a zoom lens you have the ability to be much further away and ultimately have a better chance at going unnoticed by your subjects.
  5. Burst or continuous mode – using continuous mode on your camera or burst mode on your phone can help you catch THE perfect moment. Especially when photographing children, they are always on the move, so having several photos to choose from can definitely be positive!


Accept that your images may not be perfect, that’s part of capturing life on the go! Have fun shooting and enjoy the memories you capture!

Author Bio: Hollie Mackenzie is a Perth based Lifestyle Photographer focusing on Family, Newborn and Maternity. She loves to capture special memories of your family, for you and your loved ones to cherish for many years to come. Click here to view her website.

19 thoughts on “5 Tips to getting great candid photos

  1. Great topic. My photography skills are average at best, but one of the things I would really like to do better is shoot the candid, everyday moments in life – these tips will help the effort (now if I could just get a tele-lens 🙂


  2. There’s some great tips there, I would love to capture some more natural photos of the kids also. Will put some of these into practise.


  3. Gorgeous photos. I had so much fun experimenting with the camera when my girls were little. It had been years since my photography course and I didn’t even have a half decent camera but we have some wonderful shots and memories.


  4. I have this whiz bang camera but don’t know how to use it! Crazy, I know. I see those words aperture and ISO on my camera – don’t know what they mean though. Time to do a short course I think!


  5. Great tips! Thanks for sharing. Whenever I use the continuous mode on my camera I always get some great shots somewhere in there and usually some funny ones too! Photos of kids when they are unaware of their photo being taken are always a winner in my opinion.


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