Things to do in Guilderton


Do you need a weekend away? Want a quiet little coastal town to relax in close to Perth? Then Guilderton is the perfect spot for you!  Located only 95 kilometres north of Perth. Guilderton or commonly known as Moore River is a picturesque town ideal for a day trip or a weekend getaway.

If the weather is looking good we often put the kayaks on the roof of the 4wd,  jump in the car and head off on an adventure. So, if you are looking to escape the city and what to know what there is to do in Moore River then blog post is for you.

Have a picnic on the foreshore

Dust off the picnic set and spread out your picnic blanket on the grassy foreshore. Eat your lunch soaking up the suns rays, overlooking Moore River and out to the ocean. There are BBQ’s, tables and chairs in this area so you can also cook up a storm.

Guilderton Foreshore.JPG

Launch a kayak at Silvercreek

Located about 1.5 kilometres from the mouth of the river is Silvercreek which has a dedicated launching point. It is a beautiful spot to explore with lots of Pelicans on the water. Marvel at the sheer size of them as they fly over you.


Hire a boat

If you don’t have your own kayak you can hire one. There are also paddle boat or dinghy for hire from the foreshore.


After a natural high? Jump on a sandboard and scream down the sand dunes. The Desert is a popular spot for sandboarding. Accessible by boat located across the river from the Stephen’s Crescent Trail Walk. Be prepared to get your heart rate up climbing up the dune!

Guilderton The Desert.JPG

Take a dip in the river or ocean

The mouth of the river is a great spot to swim especially with little ones. Usually, the river mouth is closed but when the river mouth is opened just take care as there is the danger of getting swept out to sea as the water flows fast.

The beaches are beautiful. I love the ocean but I can get a bit freaked out by waves. Must have something to do with growing up in the bush and not spending a lot of time at the beach! There can be a decent swell at times, perfect for body surfing.

Moore River.JPG

Throw in a line

There is plenty of bream in the river and a few great spots to throw in a line. Silver creek has a platform to fish from and there is another one down the steps, along the boardwalk at Stephens Crescent. You can see the fish below you just need to get them to take the bait!

If beach fishing is your thing then tailor, flathead, herring, mulloway, and whiting can be caught.

Watch the sunset

Head up to the lookout to watch the sunset over the ocean. You won’t regret it!


Get sporty

Have a hit of golf, a roll of bowls or play a game of tennis. The Country Club offers all these facilities and they operate on an honour system. The prices are very reasonable compared to the city.

Hit the walking trails

There are numerous walking trails throughout Guilderton, linking bush and beach. Witness stunning views and meander over little boardwalks looking out over the water.

Relax with a book

Kick back by the river or ocean and get stuck into a good book. Isn’t that what weekends are for? Relaxing.

Camp by the river at the Caravan Park

Set up camp with views of the river plus you are only meters from the beach! It is a great little caravan park but you need to book early during the summer months as the weekends fill up quickly. Click here for more information on the Caravan Park.

Guilderton Caravan Park.JPG


If camping and caravanning is not your thing then there are plenty of holiday houses to rent in town.

Holidays don’t have to be an overseas trip or cost lots of money. Guilderton is a great spot to relax and get away from it all.

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** Some of the links in this post are affiliated links. If you click to book the accommodation, I make a little commission but you don’t pay any extra. **

13 thoughts on “Things to do in Guilderton

  1. This does look like a lovely spot for a family holiday on the river. We stopped for one night near Guilderton on our trip around Australia. It was a free camping spot out of town. I wish we had actually driven into town to have a look around now. 🙂


  2. It looks like a great spot and I have to confess I’ve actually not been to WA at all. (I’m in Qld.) I believe I landed in Perth a few times when I travelled to and from Africa in the mid 1990s but I know people who moved to Perth temporarily and never moved back!


  3. Wow – beautiful photographs! That sunset! I’ve never been to WA, let alone Perth but I’ve seeing quite a few posts on various part of that side of our beautiful country lately. I had never heard of Guilderton but pleased to know of it now. I’ll pay it a visit when I finally get over that way! 🙂


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