Keeping fit in Las Vegas

keeping-fit-in-las-vegasI love Las Vegas, the bright lights, vibrant nightlife, non-stop entertainment, everywhere you turn there is something that catches your eye. With so many things to do and lots of temptations, it is easy to overindulge during your stay.

Let’s face it while you are on holidays you are likely to have a bit too much to eat or drink. I mean isn’t that what a holiday is all about? To help balance things out here are a few tips to keep you fit while you are visiting Las Vegas.

Hit the gym or pool

A majority of the hotels have facilities you can use such as a gym and pool. Be sure to pack your goggles so you can swim laps of the pool. Do some research before you book your hotel to make sure it has the facilities you require. has a large selection of hotels to choose from so you can pick the right property for you.

Take the stairs

While exploring Las Vegas take the stairs where possible instead of the elevator. Climbing stairs gets your heart rate up, burns calories, helps to lose weight, improve fitness and tones areas like your legs, stomach and buttocks.

Online Classes

Do a workout from the comfort of your own hotel room and at a time that suits you. There are many online classes available which also includes Yoga and Pilates.

Go hiking

Get off the strip, go into nature and explore the natural beauty around Las Vegas.

Red Rock Canyon is located 32 kilometres (20 miles) west of the strip and there are various hiking trails to explore. The trails have different difficulty ratings from easy to strenuous to suit all levels of fitness.

Valley of Fire State Park is near the north end of Lake Mead and is easy to access. The Valley of Fire derives its name from red sandstone formations, formed from great shifting sand dunes. Enjoy a Love Hikes tour which is a guided hike through the state park to view its spectacular scenery.

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Horse Riding Tour

Book a Wild West Horseback Adventure Tour, you will have a great day out and get a workout at the same time. That is right horse riding helps with your core strength along with inner thighs and pelvic muscles. It is a fun way to exercise different parts of the body.

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Go to an indoor Trampoline Park

Sky Zone Trampoline Park is all about fun fitness. An indoor trampoline park offering fitness classes and so much more! Trampolining is good for core stability, bouncing helps tone the body, especially the stomach, back and legs.

HIIT Workout

HIIT workout stands for high-intensity interval training. These workouts are short and intense usually lasting for 10-30 minutes. Most of these workouts can be done with little or no equipment and in a park or your hotel room. Click here and here for some examples of a HIIT workout.

Remember to always consult your doctor before you take on any exercise program.

Enjoy everything that Las Vegas has to offer but don’t forget to work out to burn off those overindulgences. Everything in moderation!

How do you keep fit while you are travelling? Do you have a love for Las Vegas?

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3 thoughts on “Keeping fit in Las Vegas

  1. We love Las Vegas and usually go once or twice a year. Sometimes we go a little beyond to a town called Mesquite. It reminds me of old school Las Vegas and we always have a great time there. Earlier this year we used Mesquite as a stepping off point to go to Zion National Park in Utah. Utah is so incredibly gorgeous with so many parks to see. For our honeymoon 28 years ago we took 5 kids on a houseboat to Lake Mead. Talk about an amazing experience. About 10 years later we went back with the same kids and it was an interesting experience to say the least- vacationing with adult children in such a confined space! Now it is my understanding they don’t even allow houseboats on Lake Mead because of the decline in water levels due to the drought. The next place in Nevada I would like to see is Great Basin National Park. The cutoff is halfway between Las Vegas and Mesquite but another 6 hours on the road!


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