Quarram Nature Reserve, Denmark WA

Don’t you love it when you explore a new area and you have no expectations and therefore you don’t get disappointed.

Dixie loves taking every 4wd track he spots and we often end up on a great adventure.

Whilst we were in Denmark, WA we headed down the South Coast Highway, saw a sign to Boat Harbour and figured it was worth checking out. Heading down the gravel road we spotted a track so we decided to head down it and found ourselves in Quarram Nature Reserve.

Christmas 2015 387.JPG

The track is soft sand so we lowered the tyre pressure and headed off. Throughout the track there were rubber mats and planks of wood and we wondered what we were getting ourselves into. Was this track going to be extremely soft and was there a chance we would get stuck?

Approaching a fork in the road we went left as we figured going in that direction we would hit the coast quicker.

Little Quarram

Christmas 2015 388.JPG

We came to Little Quarram and there is a steep sand dune to go down to get to the water.

There is a line of rocks on the beach which has a gap in the middle and the water gathered in a pool at the front. Perfect for the the kids to splash around in.

xmas 2015 896

After putting our feet in the water and scrambling over the rocks we went back to the fork in the road and explored the other track. We crossed some sand dunes and then continued on down the track where it is said to Middle and Big Quarram.

xmas 2015 889

Middle Quarram

xmas 2015 903.JPG

Middle Quarram is the beach we could see from Little Quarram and it would be possible to walk about hte beach and explore however it is a long stretch of beach.

xmas 2015 904

Back in the car we stopped to explore some of the coast line also know as Quarram Rocks before heading to Big Quarram.

Big Quarram

xmas 2015 922

Big Quarram is a long stretch of beach with large hills leading down to the water. As the children were asleep we didn’t stick around too long. It always amazes me how they can sleep while they are getting shaken around by the bumpy 4wd tracks.

Boat Harbour

xmas 2015 923

Leaving the reserve we headed back down the main gravel road and found Boat Harbour. It is a small protected bay and popular for rock fishing.

The coastline is this area is rocky and rugged. There are no sealed roads that take you to these beaches so they are only accessible by 4wd. The Bibbulmun Track (walking trail that stretches for 1000kms, goes from Perth Hills to Albany) does pass through this area so if you are up for it you could walk!

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