Greens Pool and Elephant Cove

Denmark in Western Australia (414kms south east of Perth) is a town I can see myself living in. It has a real hippie care free vibe to the place. I can see myself set up with a few acres and being self sufficient. Dixie will fit in straight away with his dreadlocks, I just need to sew up some bohemian pants for him!

Surfing at Ocean Beach, rediscovering Greens Pool and Elephant Cove has made my love for Denmark grow even more.

Greens Pool

Christmas 2015 291.JPG

Greens Pool is located 15km west of Denmark in William Bay National Park.  It is paradise but as we were there during the christmas break it was packed with holiday makers! We had to park miles away and walk down to the beach but it was well worth it.

Christmas 2015 294.JPG

The rocks mean that the water is protected from the Great Southern Ocean and the water is nice and calm. The water is shallow and has a gradual incline so it is perfect for small children to splash about in the water.

Christmas 2015 295.JPG

Can you imagine what this place would be like when it is not peak season? When it is quiet and you don’t have to share the water with everyone?

Christmas 2015 298.JPG

It is also a great place to snorkel as fish can been seen among the rocks.

Elephant Cove

Christmas 2015 303.JPG

Take a short walk over the rocks at the east end of Greens Pool and you end up at Elephant Cove.

Christmas 2015 301.JPG

I could not believe that this beach next door to Greens Pool hardly had any people and it is just as spectacular.

Elephant Rocks looks like a herd of elephants heading out into the water and that is where the name comes from. I didn’t get a good picture of elephant rocks but hopefully it will inspire you to visit this spot and see it for yourself.

Have you been to Greens Pool or Elephant Cove?

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8 thoughts on “Greens Pool and Elephant Cove

  1. I visited Elephant Rocks and Green Pool quite a number of years ago during winter. Whilst it was still stunningly beautiful there were to people in the water – it was just too cold. So quite different to see it packed with people.


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