Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve, Albany WA

Albany in Western Australia is filled with stunning beaches and so much of the coast line has crystal clear water, rocks on the beach and large hills going down to the water.

Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve

The nature reserve is located 35 kilometers east of Albany (450km south of Perth) and there are so many different beaches to explore and lots of camp grounds located on the beach.

Little Beach

Little Beach

Little beach has the brightest turquoise waters and the whitest sand I have ever seen. Looking at the waves the water is transparent you can see straight through the wave.

Christmas 2015 182

Christmas 2015 185

This would have to be my favourite beach of all time!

Waterfall Beach

At the southern end of Little Beach you will see a little track that takes you through the bush and up over the rocks. It is well worth following this path as it takes you to a hidden gem.

Christmas 2015 200.JPG

Christmas 2015 197.JPG

Christmas 2015 196.JPG

There is a small waterfall that winds its way to the ocean through a rock crevasse. The bay is sheltered from the sea and if you are lucky enough you can have the whole beach to yourself!

Two Peoples Bay

Christmas 2015 203.JPG

Two Peoples Bay has plenty of shady trees and a grassed area to have a bbq but we opted to have our lunch on the beach. Cause who doesn’t like a bit of sand in their food!

We put the old girl into 4wd and headed to East Bay which is located at the other end of the beach.

Christmas 2015 222.JPG

East Bay has a camp area that has toilets and it is free to camp! Next time we are down this way we need to hook up the camper trailer and camp at one of these gorgeous spots.

Christmas 2015 224.JPG

Betty’s Beach – Manypeaks

Christmas 2015 261.JPG

From East Bay we took the 4wd track, headed east and ended up at Betty’s Beach. We are no longer in the Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve and close to Manypeaks. It is a beautiful beach and we spent hours here with the kids scampering over the rocks. Ok so the big kids also had fun on the rocks!

Betty’s Beach is another free campground and has two camping areas. There is a grassed area and it is also possible to camp on the beach past the rocks that divide the beach and cove area. Professional salmon fishing season is from Mid Feb to the end of April and during this period campers are not encouraged.

Christmas 2015 265.JPG

There are so many other stunning beaches and national parks in Albany. So much beauty to be found here.

Can you see yourself relaxing and swimming at one of these stunning beaches?

15 thoughts on “Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve, Albany WA

  1. Beautiful photos. I visited Albany many many years ago and would love to go back with my family. Thanks for sharing your adventures and happy new year to you.


  2. This looks wonderful! I love camping at the beach. Unfortunately living in Southern California everything is highly congested and you need to make reservations at least 6 months out. Even that is challenging at best!


  3. Just wow. I wish I liived near the beach and one as beautiful as these. Albany looks stunning. Thanks for linking up with #MondayEscapes ps. please add our badge next time you join in 🙂 Hope you do!


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