Surf Lesson at Ocean Beach

Dixie handed me a wrapped small square box for my birthday. When I opened it I was confused to find some surfboard wax as I was expecting a necklace I had been eyeing off. It was then revealed to me that I had a surf lesson booked in Denmark, Western Australia.

Arriving at Ocean Beach I was excited and nervous. My last attempt at surfing was in Bali and I fractured my foot so I was hoping that this lesson would have a better outcome.

I was in safe hands with my instructor Mike who was extremely thorough in explaining about the ocean, reading its rhythm and the basics of surfing.

Christmas 2015 328

I was itching to get into the waves and put my new skills into practice. First of all I was getting a feel for the board, learning where to position my body and how to paddle so I could get onto a wave.

Christmas 2015 338

It wasn’t long before I was ready to try and stand and I was surprised that I could get up so quickly.

The waves were a perfect size for a beginner and I felt comfortable out there and not out of my depth.

Christmas 2015 346

Another beginner and I were going for the same wave and we were about to collide so I used my waterpolo skills and pushed him out of the way. The instructor was making fun of me but I was just getting into the surf culture. No one is going to drop in on my wave!

Christmas 2015 349

I survived my lesson with no broken bones, didn’t get hit with a board and loved the thrill of catching a wave. Surfing is definitely a sport I could take up and I am keeping an eye out for a cheap second hand board.

See you out in the ocean! This is Gidget signing out!

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