Aloha Surfhouse in Joondalup

Kombi at Aloha Surfhouse.JPGDixie and I had a child-free afternoon, instead of going for a romantic picnic or to the movies we fed our adrenaline addiction! We hit Aloha Surfhouse in Joondalup for an afternoon of rock climbing and surfing.

Aloha Surfhouse is an awesome venue where you can chill out with a coffee, watch your friends or family climb and surf. Browse the boutique, eat in the cafe as you will probably work up a hunger after all that physical activity! If you like something a bit more low key then you can take a yoga class. Read More »

Extreme Western Australia: 5 Ways to Get the Adrenalin Pumping this Winter

As the days get darker and colder, getting motivation to get up and moving becomes notoriously difficult. Winter is that time of the year when all you want to do is curl up in bed with a good movie and a red wine; but WA is filled with adrenalin fuelled activities to get your blood pumping this season. If you have a thirst for adventure (and let’s face it, who doesn’t to some degree) then finding the ultimate extreme events is the perfect way to warm up this winter. Here’s a few that are bound to get you motivated, despite what the weather throws at you!Read More »

Surf Lesson at Ocean Beach

Dixie handed me a wrapped small square box for my birthday. When I opened it I was confused to find some surfboard wax as I was expecting a necklace I had been eyeing off. It was then revealed to me that I had a surf lesson booked in Denmark, Western Australia.

Arriving at Ocean Beach I was excited and nervous. My last attempt at surfing was in Bali and I fractured my foot so I was hoping that this lesson would have a better outcome.Read More »

Learning to Surf

Surfing Code

Every time I am at the beach I stare at a surfers’ code sign, watch the surfers looking at the water to see if the conditions are right to hit the surf and think to myself I want to be a surfer. It is a sport I have been wanting to take up for some time but thought how is it possible to do this with small children? Recently I discovered a group called Surfing Mums Inc which is a not-for-profit association that supports a network of mums that surf. They meet at the beach to alternate childcare duties enabling parents to enjoy some time in the surf. It sounds amazing so I am thinking of taking a few lessons so I can join the group.Read More »