Aloha Surfhouse in Joondalup

Kombi at Aloha Surfhouse.JPGDixie and I had a child-free afternoon, instead of going for a romantic picnic or to the movies we fed our adrenaline addiction! We hit Aloha Surfhouse in Joondalup for an afternoon of rock climbing and surfing.

Aloha Surfhouse is an awesome venue where you can chill out with a coffee, watch your friends or family climb and surf. Browse the boutique, eat in the cafe as you will probably work up a hunger after all that physical activity! If you like something a bit more low key then you can take a yoga class. 

Clip ‘n Climb

After I signed my life away on their waiver we were ready to hit the climbing walls. The instructor gave us a safety briefing and fitted us with our ever so attractive harness! Once all the formalities were over it was time to hit the wall!

Clip 'n Climb.JPG

The climbing walls are bright, colourful and not just your standard climbing walls either. There are around 20 oddly shaped challenges, it was hard to know where to start. We picked out our first climbing wall, simply clicked our harness onto the auto-belay system and we were ready to climb. That is why they call it clip ‘n climb, so easy!

I had no technique I was just looking for footholds and places to get a grip on with my hands. Used my legs and arms to pull me up to the top of the 9-metre climb. At the top of the climb, this is when the most challenging part came!

AstroballChecker Climbing wall

Now I had to put all my trust into the auto-belay system to lower me down to the ground. I was holding on at the top for some time not wanting to let go of the wall. Eventually, I put my nerves aside, let go and slowly glided back down to the floor.

Having the auto-belay system meant that we didn’t need to belay for each other. I must admit that I was nervous putting all my faith into the auto-belay system but probably would have felt the same way if Dixie was belying for me! What I mean to say is I totally trust my partner not to let me fall!!!

Stairway to heavenTwisterChecker

Climbing is a great full-body workout for both strength and cardio. I used muscles that I didn’t even know existed!

Of course, my competitive nature kicked in and I challenged Dixie to a race on the speed wall. Pressed a button at the bottom of the climb and then hit another button at the top to record our time. He beat me by 10 seconds but don’t worry I will get them next time!

Face to Face

I managed to conquer every wall I tried except for the triffid. The wall is shaped like a plant and I struggled to find a place to grip onto. Looks like I need to come back so I can give it another go.


Clip ‘n Climb is perfect for children and amateurs. If the climb is too easy you can always step it up a notch by following the “amp it up” signs. These unique guidelines located on each wall will challenge you and test your limits.

Let’s Surf

Years ago I fractured my foot surfing so I was a little anxious about the wave pool. I was watching people falling off their boards and being spat out to the back of the pool. Did this hurt? They all got up and went back for more so I figure it couldn’t be too bad!

Our instructor Blake fitted us with our helmets and gave us a lesson on how to fall so you don’t hurt yourself. Now I am sorry to say that when I am falling I have no control and there is no elegant way for me to do this. Legs and arms were flying in all directions and I am sure it was not a pretty sight for the spectators!

What I had learned previously about surfing all went out the window. It is a different technique as all of your weight goes on the back foot.

With my helmet strapped on, my board under my arm it was time to hit the forever breaking wave. Blake held the board in the 2-foot river wave while I sat on the edge of the pool. I put my feet into position on the board, stood up and then Blake set me free. I was off, surfing for a few seconds anyway!

Aloha Surfhouse Joondalup

The hot tip is to keep your weight on your back foot and look at the horizon. The longest I stayed up for was probably 5 to 10 seconds. Dixie is much more of a natural than me and surfed the wave for a long time.

Aloha Surfhouse

After each wipeout, the wave pushed me to the back of the pool.  I  came out unscathed and didn’t need to worry about getting hurt.

It was so much fun! I was worried that a 30-minute session wouldn’t be long enough but we got plenty of turns at hanging ten! There is no waiting for the right wave to come along as there is a constant wave waiting right there for you to surf.

Next time I might even take our little ones rock climbing! I got a full body work out and I think I need to take a yoga class now to stretch out my aching muscles!

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22 thoughts on “Aloha Surfhouse in Joondalup

  1. Oh my goodness, that sounds like an awesome place to visit! I haven’t been rock climbing in years, I might have to do some research and see if there is anywhere near here to go! I know my girls would absolutely love it!


  2. Now that looks like fun … but I don’t think I’d be terribly good at it somehow! lol #TeamLovinLife


  3. Wow, what fun and how invigorating is all that activity. Loved reading this and seeing what you got up to. I have never been able to stand on a surfboard, so body boards were my thing. Still have one, but my age and legs since surgery last year mean my security in the flowing waters of the local beaches is not great. Still. a girl from near Manly NSW still thinks she IS a surfer girl. Denyse x


  4. Oh wow, that looks amazing. I’ve never tried climbing and not sure I want to but my 6yr old godson would adore it as he loves climbing anything. As for the surfing I think I’d be crap at that as well. What a fabulous place though! #teamlovinlife


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