Time in the country is my goal for this year

Ten days in the country is like heaven to me. I crave wide open spaces, fresh country air and the laid back country lifestyle.

The Farm

The children love having the space and freedom to roam the property, pick fruit and visit the animals.

Christmas 2015 128.JPG

I miss living in the country and feel at home in my surroundings. Dixie on the other hand enjoys his time here but can’t see a life in the bush. Hopefully one day I will talk him around.

Hanging out on the family farm brings back memories of my childhood, chasing sheep, catching yabbies, riding in the truck and just kicking the dirt.

I am grateful I can give my children a sample of farming life and the love of the land.

I always said I wanted to be a hippy when I grow up so realising my love of the country life my goal for this year is to get back to the bush as often as possible and explore new places.

Do you have a goal or a new years resolution?

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