Review: Willowbrook Farm at Gingin

willowbroom farm reviewWe hitched the camper trailer to the car and set off for a weekend at Willowbrook Farm. The kids could get up close and personal with the animals. We all enjoyed exploring the property, relaxing, having a chat by the camp fire and stargazing.

Perth had the coldest weekend this winter and we chose to go camping, call us crazy if you will! We thought Willowbrook Farm would be pretty well deserted due to the weather however there were lots of families braving the cold.

Willowbrook Farm is a relaxed environment (no cranky caravan park managers here) and it is great to just get back to basics. The children were happy running around the property and climbing trees however feeding the animals was a highlight for them. Lil and Bill who run the property are extremely friendly and accommodating. They make you feel like you are a long lost friend and I was stunned how they remembered all the children’s names.

Willow Brook Farm 017

At 4:30 Bill rounds up the troops with his wheelbarrow full to the brim of hay, letting everyone know it is feeding time for the animals. Meanwhile Lil is on her four wheeler motorbike bringing the farm animals into the paddock for feeding. Everyone gathers behind the fence as the sheep and Texas Longhorn cows nuzzel in for prime position to get some feed from the guests.

There is so much joy in the children’s face as the sheep take feed from their hands and the cows munch on bunches of hay. Master B was in his element running to and from the wheelbarrow to grab some more straw for the cows.

Once the animals had full bellies and the feed had run out the children got to go for a spin on the motorbike with Lil. Again the children’s eyes lit up as they bumped across the paddock. Master B was hitting the horn the whole way, warning the cows to get out of his way as he was coming through.

In the evening it was time to watch the bush TV and we all headed down to the communal campfire. Our children had the perfect stick picked out and it was time to roast the marshmallows. Nothing like a sugar high before bed!! Having a communal fire is wonderful as all the guests gathered around for a chat and to spin a yarn. My partner Dixie loves campfires and I was lucky to see him in the evening as he was telling stories to who ever was listening! I was happy to soak up the warmth of the fire and admire the spectacular night sky.

Willow Brook Farm BBQ

Sunday morning at 9:30 you hear the cow bell ringing and you know it is time for complimentary scones with homemade jam and cream. The scones are the largest I have ever seen! Everyone has their cuppa in hand and heading to the homestead to enjoy a feast. We all sat on the verandah of the homestead eating our morning tea and mingling.


Willowbrook Farm brings people together by having a communal fire pit and offering morning tea. It is such a warm and inviting environment that I would have no hesitation in recommended it for your next getaway.


Located near Gingin, only an hour north of Perth makes for a great weekend getaway with the children. As it is only a short distance we didn’t have to listen to “Are we there yet” too many times! The property is set on 40 acres and it nice to take a stroll exploring everything Willowbrook Farm has to offer.


There are 62 campsites that are grassed and there is plenty of space to set up for your stay. The sites are situated around the homestead which was built in 1874. There are plenty of native trees on the property so expect a visit from some friendly birds and also hear the kookaburra’s laughing during your stay.

The prime position is to be located along the farm fence as the sites are bigger plus you will get a regular visit from the animals.

There are powered and non-powered sites available and they also cater for wheel chair access.


Willow Brook Farm 052

Camp Kitchen – The camp kitchen is huge and has everything you need to cook up a storm. Industrial sized ovens, stove tops, fridge, microwave, toaster and kettle are all available to use.

BBQ Facilites – On the main lawn there is a bbq area that is under cover and overlooking the paddocks. There are two large bbq’s which are free to use.

Toilets and showers – The toilets and showers are clean and functional.

Farm Animals and Feeding – There are chickens, roosters and ducks that you can visit plus at 4:30 you can feed the farm animals which include Sheep, Alpaca’s and Texas Longhorn Cows. There is also Guinea Fowl and a Galah called Charlie that reside in the park.

Pet Friendly – It is a pet friendly caravan park however pet owners need to be responsible for their pets by keeping their dogs on leads and cleaning up after them.

Complimentary Sunday Scones – At 9:30 on a Sunday morning there is a cow bell rung to alert you that fresh scones have just been taken out of the oven. At the homestead you can enjoy scones with homemade jam and cream. I suggest taking your own plate down and a hot cuppa.

If you would like to know more about Willowbrook Farm you can visit their website here.

 ** This was not a sponsored post and we paid for our accommodation **

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16 thoughts on “Review: Willowbrook Farm at Gingin

  1. Oh I love the look of this place! So homely (for us country gals anyway). What a great experience for kids and super cool you can camp there. Not a huge fan of camping in winter but, although I do live in Victoria. Campfires are always the best and I’m sure you treasured it if it was a bit nippy x


  2. This is a great review with everything people need to know. At first I thought you’d made it all the way to Qld as we have a Gin Gin here but as it turns out, it’s just a popular name!


  3. I only discovered Willowbrook a few months ago on a trip back from Lancelin. Setting foot inside Willowbrook is like entering another little world and i can’t think of a better family camping trip that’s so close to Perth but truly feels like you’re miles away. Great spot too, to discover the nearby Chittering Valley, Gin Gin and the Gravity Centre down the road.


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