Travel Journal for kids

Travel journal inside

I love travel journals, my bedside drawer is full of them documenting my journeys. Often I will look back at them and reminisce about the good old days and it is surprising how much you actually forget. I am grateful that I wrote every day while I was backpacking around the world as now I have these precious journals to transport me back to my travelling days.

The first travel journal I kept was in the late 80’s when I went to Darwin. The excitement of my first plane ride and exploring new sites. Back then children could go into the cockpit to see the view out the window, the pilot also gave us a run down on the switches and what they were used for. Sadly now times have changed with terrorism and our children will not get these opportunities.

It is interesting looking back at my Ansett boarding pass as the airline is no longer around. There is also a packet of pepper with the Ansett logo in my diary, I wonder if that will be worth some money one day! We dined at Holtze Cottage Botanical Gardens and being a young girl from the bush I was blown away that they pull out the chairs for you and put the napkin on your lap. I was not used to this five star treatment that you only see in the movies! I remember thinking how expensive our dinner was and looking at the bill a porterhouse steak was $16 which seems cheap now days.


I love that I can be transported back to my 11 year old self and look at how I saw the world back then. A happy time filled with wonderful family memories.

Caravanning with Kids Travel Journal

After finding my old travel diaries from when I was a child I have decided that I want my children to do the same thing. We are often out camping and exploring and I want them to document our adventures so they have long lasting memories. I have been trying to find a good travel journal that suits their age and I was excited to discover Caravanning with Kids Travel Journal.

The travel journal has 80 pages where the kids can draw, add photos, write and document their daily experiences. The journal also has activity sheets to keep the little ones busy, a packing list, address book and it is spiral bound with a protective plastic sleeve.

Travel journal.jpg

If you are heading off on a trip with your kids why not pick up this travel journal from Caravanning with Kids so you have a gorgeous journal to look back on in years to come.

The Travel Journal retails for $24.95 and their website can be here.

Get your kids writing and keeping a journal as they will love you for it in years to come.

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27 thoughts on “Travel Journal for kids

  1. I love travel journals too. It’s such a wonderful way to keep our memories and special trips alive. I have a diary from when I was 14 and went to Italy for the first time with my parents, lots of fun to look back on. The travel journal here for kids looks wonderful. Great post Anne.


  2. Fantastic read..I had to laugh over the Pepper as this is exactly what I did as a child as well…all those ‘firsts’ and experiences…what a thrill re-living them…


  3. This is such a great idea! We do a lot of adventuring and this is a great way for our kids to remember and look back on our travels.


  4. What great memories you have captured in your journals. Love the Ansett boarding pass & pepper. My husband worked for Ansett so we have a large blue umbrella with the logo emblazoned across it and a few other bits and pieces. I wonder am I sitting on a gold mine? Lol. Probably not.


  5. I kept travel journals as a kid too and I’m so glad I did. I’m a bit of a hoarder though and also keep every ticket stub, boarding pass, foreign money… you name it. Definitely hang onto that pepper could be worth something none day for sure!!


  6. I love this! We’re taking the kids on a 3 month caravan road trip next year and I’ve already started thinking about how to entertain them…. and I definitely want to encourage them to record their experiences. I know my little one (6) will love it. What do you think about 9 and 10 year old boys though… is it too young for them?


  7. I have two daughter and find my self just looking after my both the kids rather than doing sightseeing. But some time it feels good to be with all member of family. It is always risk to travel longer distance. I never traveled more than 50 miles with my kids as they are just 1 yr and 3 yrs.

    Do you have any suggestion how to deal with this situation?


  8. I find that you need to slow things down and not try and see everything in one day. I might do some sight seeing in the morning and then have a fun relaxing afternoon. I often travel in the middle of the day so that the little one will sleep in the car. It is a difficult balancing act to keep the whole family happy but definitely achievable.


  9. What a fabulous idea. My kids aren’t quite at the age for journalling but I know in a year or so they would really get involved with it!


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