4wd Holland Track a Thrilling Outback Adventure

4wd Holland Track and Outback AdventureTo tell you the truth I was a little nervous about doing the Holland Track. I didn’t really know what to expect. I just knew we would be in a remote part of Western Australia 4wding for 3 days. Thoughts were running through my head like what if the kids get hurt or sick? What if we breakdown and can’t get help? I mean the thought of spending days on end in a car with small children is enough to send anyone into a panic attack. What I didn’t expect was to be intrigued by the pioneer John Holland and his life.

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Fitting a snorkel to our Landcruiser

My partner Dixie fitted a snorkel to our 100 series Landcruiser. I must admit I was a little nervous when I could hear drilling coming from outside. Then my two year old ran inside and said “look what Daddy is doing, he is putting holes in the car”. Shh don’t tell but I was thinking to myself maybe a professional should be doing this. Turns out I had nothing to worry about as he did a great job.

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Travelling the Gibb River Road – Road Safety Tips

The Gibb River Road is a trip Dixie and I are constantly talking about and hope to do soon. Today we have a guest blogger Rosemary McGugian who is the owner and operator of Best Of The Kimberley, the holiday and tour planning specialists in Broome.  If you are planning on doing this trip I trust that her below tips will help you with your preparation.

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Quarram Nature Reserve, Denmark WA

Don’t you love it when you explore a new area and you have no expectations and therefore you don’t get disappointed.

Dixie loves taking every 4wd track he spots and we often end up on a great adventure.

Whilst we were in Denmark, WA we headed down the South Coast Highway, saw a sign to Boat Harbour and figured it was worth checking out. Heading down the gravel road we spotted a track so we decided to head down it and found ourselves in Quarram Nature Reserve.

Christmas 2015 387.JPG

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Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve, Albany WA

Albany in Western Australia is filled with stunning beaches and so much of the coast line has crystal clear water, rocks on the beach and large hills going down to the water.

Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve

The nature reserve is located 35 kilometers east of Albany (450km south of Perth) and there are so many different beaches to explore and lots of camp grounds located on the beach.

Little Beach

Little Beach

Little beach has the brightest turquoise waters and the whitest sand I have ever seen. Looking at the waves the water is transparent you can see straight through the wave.Read More »