Beach Camping, Australia Day

Beach Camping 002.JPGCruising up the coast, our 4wd is loaded to the brim with camping supplies.

A deserted beach is the perfect place to pitch a tent. Nothing but white sand and blue water.

Beach Camping 016.JPGBeach Camping 018.JPG

Beach Camping 022.JPG

The days are spent exploring our new home. Strolling the beach, discovering bee hives and limestone pillars. Swimming in the waves, towels are needed before they have dried. Our hair is getting bleached from the suns rays.

Dolphins often come in close the shore. It is like they are keeping an eye on us.

Beach Camping 202.JPG

Beach Camping 209.JPG

We watch the changing colour of the sky as the sun goes down over the water. Not long after a full moon lights up the night sky and there is no need for torches. The light of the moon shows us the way.

Beach Camping 139

The kids are making new friends. Our hair has not been brushed for days, we are constantly covered in sand but we are happy.

Beach Camping 189

Hope you have a great Australia Day. How are you celebrating?

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13 thoughts on “Beach Camping, Australia Day

  1. What a great camping trip. I continue to be amazed that you have so much available space and sandy beaches for camping. Nothing like that in my neck of the woods. No wonder you are often camping.


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