Slideshow Night #2: USA

Dusting off my old photos albums, reminiscing about the old days and putting on a slideshow. Grab some popcorn, sit down and enjoy the show.


I worked at a Summer Camp in Vermont for 3 months which was a crazy, high energy, action packed summer. Before and after camp I spent some time travelling and here are some of my favourite parts of the trip.

Los Angeles, California

Rodeo Drive.jpg

Strolling the streets of Rodeo Drive and seeing how the other half live. Mind you I looked very out of place as when you are backpacking you don’t tend to pack and fancy clothes!

Santa Monica Beach.jpg

Putting my feet in the water at Santa Monica beach and strolling down Santa Monica Pier. I love how they have basketball courts and a gym along the beach.

San Diego, California

San Diego

I love the ocean and all its creatures so visiting SeaWorld in San Diego was a wonderful experience. Looking at the aquariums, interact with so many animal plus I love theme park rides to get your adrenaline going.

While it was thrill to see a Killer Whale up close and marvel at its shear size I don’t agree with such a large animal being keep in captivity.

Las Vegas, Nevada


I love Las Vegas, there is always action, lights, people, entertainment, bars and lots of Elvis impersonators!  You name it and Vegas has it! You could spend a day in each casino exploring what they have on offer.

Crazy that you will find pokie machines at a petrol station!

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Grand Canyon1.jpg

Words can not describe the Grand Canyon, it is 1.6km deep and the river at the bottom looks so tiny. Walking the trails around the rim was fascinating to see the colours of the rock changing.

Grand Canyon.jpg

Pretty cool to say that your first helicopter ride was over the Grand Canyon.

Summer Camp, Vermont

Summer camp is something that is very foreign to us Aussies, it is only something you see in the movies. I worked as a swimming instructor at an all girls camp. I loved my time at the camp making new friends and helping the girls gain independence and grow in confidence.

New York City, New York

I am not a person who loves big cities but I really enjoyed exploring New York City. Visiting all the popular sites like Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Wall Street, Empire State Building, Rockerfeller Centre and just strolling the avenues.

So much more of the United States of America to visit and hopefully one day I will get back there. After my recent surf lesson I think Hawaii has to be on the top of my list of places to see!

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16 thoughts on “Slideshow Night #2: USA

  1. You’ve got some very good pictures from Los Angeles. I love seeing my city through other people’s eyes. Thanks for linking up to #TheWeeklyPostcard.


  2. We were in LA for a few days last year en route to Orlando. We also visited Rodeo Dr and Santa Monica pier – we loved it! My dream is to go back and see more of the US – we really fell in love with the little we saw of the county while we were over there.


  3. Summer camp sounds like so much fun! Dave and I loved the US when we visited in 2010 and are so keen to get back and see more of it. Our favourite was New York, and we’re really keen to travel the entire east coast one day with the kids. And you have to get to Hawaii, it is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been!


  4. I’m laughing at the mental image of a backpacker walking down Rodeo Drive. You really hit a lot of places in the USA as LA and Vermont are nowhere near each other. What a range of experience that must have delivered. I don’t think that I would do well working in a sleepaway summer camp as my limited experience with being a day camp counselor for just a week has me too On Alert at all times.


  5. Fantastic photos – I’ve been to a few including NYC and Nevada but would love to visit the others… one day! Love looking back at old snaps. Thanks for linking up with #MondayEscapes


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