Uralla Wildlife Sanctuary

Uralla Wildlife Sanctuary is a non for profit organisation dedicated to take care of injured and orphaned wildlife.

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The sanctuary is secluded and set on 150 acres in the middle of a nature reserve at Perillup in the South West of Western Australia.

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Pulling up at the property we were greeted by lots of kangaroos and howling dingos.

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There is no entry fee into the wildlife sanctuary however they are appreciative of donations of money, washing powder, old towels, powdered milk, oats etc

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Seven or eight volunteers which are usually backpackers stay at the sanctuary and care for the animals in exchange for food and board. They put in long hours from 6:30am to 10:30 at night but are rewarded by interacting with the animals.

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There were 44 joeys when we visited, they need to be bottle feed and then they had the pleasant job of making them go to the toilet in a cup. This entails gently rubbing their cloaca (bottom) until they wee and poo.

We arrived at feeding time so that we could bottle feed the joeys. The children were so gentle with all the animals and JJ especially loved giving them a bottle. It was like having her own real life baby to care for.

The kangaroos consist of Red Kangaroos, Western Grey Kangaroos and Euros. Once they are well enough and no longer need to be cared for they are released back into the bush.

We got to interact with other animals like the Thawny Frog Mouth Owl, Emus and Wallabies. Plus there is also domestic animals such as goats, chickens and cows.

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The owners of Uralla are selfless dedicating all their time looking after all the animals. They would need to provide care 365 days of the year which would leave little time for anything else. The volunteers also do an amazing job and it must be a great experience for a foreigner to get so up close and personal with Australia’s native animals.

It was nice to visit a property that is not set up for tourists. You can see the hard work and dedications that goes into caring for the animals at Uralla Wildlife Sanctuary.

5 thoughts on “Uralla Wildlife Sanctuary

  1. What an incredible place. It’s so good that children can hold the animals, and help out with their care. They must learn so much that way.


  2. What a wonderful place to visit! We could stay here all day. I love that they have so many joeys to take care of and visitors can participate. I don’t think my kids would want to leave. We visited the Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane and feeding kangaroos was one of the highlights there.


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