4wd camping trip in the Aussie bush

The more I camp the more I like to find a secluded area to call home for a few days. A place where no one visits except for the native animals. All you can hear is the sound of nature and take in the aromas of the Australia bush.

Bush Camping 078.JPG

The past few days were spent camping in the bush, we took the 4wds off road, winding our way along bumpy tracks until we found a place to set up camp. The spot was perfect with a large cleared flat area to set up our camping trailer, have a camp fire and ample space to ride dirt bikes.

Bush Camping 090.JPG


Once we had settled into our new home we decided to hit the tracks in our 4wds and go exploring. There was plenty to see with the track continuously changing, from red dirt to rocks, sand, mud and everything else in between.

There was plenty of water around and at one spot we got a little stuck in the mud. Luckily we had the TRED’s from Motoquipe on board, they came in very handy.  First we used them to get the Ranger out of the bog, which saved getting on hands and knees in the mud looking for a recovery point.

Bush Camping 033.JPG

Bush Camping 039.JPG

Climbing this hill, we tried straddling the washed out rut, but with some misjudgement we slipped in and were stranded resting on the diffs.  We couldn’t move forward or back, so we placed the TRED’s under the tyres.  This gave us enough clearance to reverse back and pick a better line.

Bush Camping 053Bush Camping 056Bush Camping 058Bush Camping 063

It was a rough and challenging ride to the top of the hill but well worth it for the view.

Back down the hill we found a gorgeous little rock pool which is part of a creek. There were plenty of tadpoles for the kids to try and catch plus we also spotted a few yabbies hanging out by the rocks. They were a bit too small otherwise I am sure we would have tried to catch them for dinner!

Getting away from the city and spending a few days in the bush is just what we needed and I can tell you I really appreciate having a warm shower back at home!

This post is sponsored by Motoquipe who supplied the TRED Total Recovery  Extraction Device 4wd

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