Review: Tesalate Towel

A big shout out to Tesalate who sent us one of their towels to review.

I have been eyeing off these towels on social media for a while. To be honest the price put me off buying one. I was keen to get my hands on one of these towels and see if the towels are as good as they claim.

If you are not familiar with Tesalate towels they are sand-free, quick-dry and compact. I have been using the towel for the past month. We have been down the beach, swimming in our pool, camping and on a boat. The towel has been put to good since we received it!

The Tesalate towels are perfect for the beach as they don’t hold sand like a traditional towel. Give the towel a quick shake and any sand that was on it falls off.

I love that the towel is compact and it would have been perfect for when we were travelling Australia. We were often hiking to waterfalls and we only took two towels to share between the four of us as they are bulky. Four Tesalate towels could have easily fit into our backpacks along with everything else we needed to carry.

They live up to their claim of being quick dry. We just went swimming with the sealions in Jurien Bay and used the towel on the boat. The tesalate towel dried in no time while the traditional towels were still wet when we returned to the harbour. 

The towels come in a wide range of colours and pattern and sizes. The standard size towel will set you back $89AUD. So would I spend the money on a Tesalate towel now that I have tried it for myself? You betcha I would. For a family that is always at the beach, camping and hiking they are perfect. I especially love that they are compact. 

If you have any questions about the towel please leave me a comment below and you can find the Tesalate website here.

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