Road trip tunes with Creative Lab

What is a road trip without music?

We just spent a few weeks cruising around the South West of Western Australia. While camping we were swimming, playing cards, running or just hanging by the water with music playing in the background thanks to Creative Labs. They supplied us with a Creative MUVO Go Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker, Creative Zen Hybrid wireless headphones and a cable bag.

Being the new year I have set a few resolutions, to get fit and to spend 1000 hours outside as a family. We already spend a lot of time outdoors however I feel screen time is starting to creep into our lives a little too much. In both of these resolutions, I have been using my Creative Lab products to keep me on track.

I have been getting my steps up, walking and even trying to run, I am a swimmer, not a runner! Having music pumping out of my wireless headphones makes it easier to push myself. I find having little goals like running until the end of a song helps. Listening to music motivates me and gets me into the zone and I push myself a little further.

The Creative Zen Hybrid wireless headphones are easy to use. Just turn the Bluetooth on your phone and they instantly pair. I used Spotify to create my playlists and listen to my favourite music. Creative Labs have an app available to download and play music however Spotify worked so I didn’t use the app. Now I just need to find some motivational songs to push me to run a whole 5 kilometres without stopping! The headphones fold down quite compactly, which will be perfect for the flight I will be taking soon.

Summer is in full swing and we have been using the Creative MUVO Go Portable Waterproof Bluetooth speaker around the pool. Just like the wireless headphones it is easy to pair your phone to the Bluetooth speaker. Another great feature is the speaker is waterproof. No need to worry about the kids doing bombies and spraying water everywhere. This speaker is built for the outdoors, perfect to use while hiking, kayaking, down the beach and in all kinds of weather.

Our caravan draw is full of cables that get tangled up and create a mess. This handy little cable organiser bag is perfect for our travels. It is compact and fits nicely into a travel bag or tucked away in the glove box so we can recharge while driving.

If you are wanting tunes while you are on the go or travelling, check out Creative Labs and I am sure they can sort you out.

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