Heyscape Tiny Cabins

I can’t scroll past a competition post on Instagram without entering. I finally won something, a weekend getaway with Heyscape Tiny Cabins in Toodyay.

We booked the dates for a family cabin near Toodyay and that was all we knew, the exact location is kept a secret. Not knowing where we were going added to the excitement and anticipation of our getaway. Let’s face it, with modern technology there are not many surprises these days.

Heyscape Tiny Cabins are set on private secluded farmland all over Western Australia. The cabins may vary, but they are all off-grid with solar, batteries, composting toilets and tank water. They also have hot showers, airconditioning and some cabins even have an outdoor bath.

Four days before our journey we received an email to advise the location, what to expect and everything that Heyscape Tiny Cabin’s provide.

Following the signs driving to the cabin called Ashleigh (named after Ash Barty), we entered the working farm passing bright yellow canola crops. I could feel my body relax, I was starting to unwind already. We found our cute little cabin at the top of the hill and couldn’t wait to get inside to check it out.

The cabin is set in a green paddock with sheep grazing and a magnificent tree in the distance. Inside it had a modern kitchen, mini fridge, two-burner stove and everything you need to whip up a yummy meal. 

On arrival, we cracked open a bottle of red and had nibblies on the verandah looking out over the rolling hills. The children were straight into the books and games in the cabin and trying out the hammock. We had a fun family afternoon with a little bit of friendly competition!!

While the children gathered kindling in a little wagon for the fire, dinner was cooking on the barbeque. We lit a toasty fire, roasted marshmallows, and had a few more glasses of red wine as we watched the sun go down. There is firewood provided that you can collect on your drive in. While outside, my eye caught a glimpse of something in the distance. We had a visit from a fox who later returned in the middle of the night and stole one of our thongs from the front door! It wasn’t to his taste as he had a bit of a chew and left it a few metres from our cabin.

Our bed was a very comfy queen size next to an enormous window that looked out over the farm. The first night we slept with the blinds open gazing at the stars and full moon. The kids were snuggled up in their bunk beds, it was a novelty for them. Naturally, there was an argument about who slept on the top bunk!

For a tiny cabin, the bathroom is quite spacious and the shower was perfect. Through the tall bathroom window, we actually saw kangaroos hopping past, you won’t see that in the city.

It was so quiet at the cabin, you could hear the bees in the distance. The sun was shining so we ate lunch at a picnic table under a giant shady tree. It was an ideal tree for the children to climb and they probably got the best view of the property! Nearby was some old farming equipment that sparked some interest from Dixie and Master B.

During the day we headed into Toodyay, a small town set on the Avon River. It has been a wet winter so there was plenty of water in the river. The town has an array of boutique shops to browse, a yummy bakery and Australia’s second-largest Christmas shop! The kids had a blast exploring all the decorations and we had to literally drag them out of the shop.

Our children have a fascination with old jails so we wandered through the Newcastle Gaol Museum. It is hard to imagine what it would be like locked in a tiny cell 150 years ago. It is a small donation to enter and well worth a look if you are in the area. Not far from the museum we drove to a lookout giving an amazing view of the town and surroundings. After exploring some more, we headed back to our cosy cabin for the afternoon.

Back at the cabin, we played finska for the first time while enjoying some cool beverages. It is a fun game for the whole family and if you are interested to know more about finska click here.

In the morning we left the kids snuggled in bed and watched the sunrise over the farm while enjoying a hot cup of coffee, the fog in the valley below added to the beauty of the vista. The sheep were roaming around close to the cabin but soon kept their distance once the noisy children were up and about!

It was a relaxing stay, with no TV, Wi-Fi, or distractions. I highly recommend Heyscape Tiny Cabins for a little getaway.

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